Why We Need Giancarlo Esposito To Join the MCU

I would definitely agree with Josh Wilding of ComicBookMovie when it comes to stating the Giancarlo Eposito needs to join the MCU, but as to what capacity he might be seen in it would likely be more meaningful if he was given a part that allowed his full level of talent to be given freedom to let him just expound. Some think that he might be up for the role of the person behind Sonny Burch from Ant Man and the Wasp, but that seems like it would be a waste of Giancarlo’s talents, especially since there’s no real word of when a third movie concerning the two heroes will be coming out. There’s also talk about making him into another Normal Osborne, which would be interesting to say the least since he can flip and go complete baddie without much effort, but at the same time there’s no real mention of this happening either. At the moment the excitement seems high to bring Giancarlo into the MCU, but where to put him seems to be the biggest issue.

Jeremy Conrad of MCUCosmic is all up for reminding people that this is a rumor so far, but given how rumors eventually become reality in Hollywood it might be possible to spitball a couple of ideas at least. Even just coming up with a few ideas might be fun since it’s not likely that the MCU would pass on this guy, if they’re being smart that is. There are a lot of major roles that he could take on, especially given that he can be a benevolent good guy or a malevolent bad guy that you don’t see coming. But one thing to remember about Giancarlo is that he’s bound to be more of a mastermind of some type since this seems to be one of his biggest strengths. He’s not really a big action star, but he can plot and plan with the best of them given that he’s been seen as one of the most menacing and diabolical presences in TV history. After all, Gus from Breaking Bad wasn’t exactly a teddy bear, now was he?

But keep in mind a ‘major’ role means that he’s bound to come out from behind the shadows at some point, not just be a name that gets tossed in the mix so that he can be presented as a token bad guy and then be eliminated in some way later one. If he’s to have a major role then it would need to be something that would keep him around for an entire movie if not longer, since major in the MCU still counts for something. He might not have to be so present that he’ll be seen taking on some of the best in the MCU, but at the same time it would be nice to see him given prominence in a way that will enable him to become something of a true threat to the heroes. At this point it’s not likely to see him in phase 4 unless the rumors are just a smokescreen to keep people from digging too deeply into the matter. What seems more likely though is that we’d see him in phase 5.

The idea of turning him into Norman Osborne would be interesting since it could take the Green Goblin in a different direction, but what about other roles? It might be a stretch, but seeing as how there are a lot more shows and movies on the MCU roster as of now, what about casting him as Mephisto? The famed devil of the Marvel universe has been seen in Ghost Rider, played by Peter Fonda, but whether or not it would be allowed in the MCU might be an interesting point. Of course there are other characters that Giancarlo could possibly play, such as Kang the Conquerer, the Leader, even the High Evolutionary. There are literally hundreds of villains in the Marvel universe, and a lot of them are not based around a physical need to assert their dominance, as a lot of them do manage to challenge the heroes in a more cerebral manner that stumps some of them and forces others to think on their feet and try to overcome their previous inability to simply bash their way through a problem. With his ability to be seen as a very thoughtful and superior intelligence Giancarlo has what it would take to bring some of these characters to life, and it’d be a joy to watch the kind of development he could bring to the MCU.

Personally I’d vote for the High Evolutionary since not only is he less of a combatant than many villains, he involved a good number of heroes from the Marvel universe in his machinations. But hey, that’s my own opinion.

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