Why Warcraft Should Become a TV Series

Why Warcraft Should Become a TV Series

Why Warcraft Should Become a TV Series

Back in 2016 Warcraft hit the theaters and, as some might have expected, it didn’t do much more than making a minor splash in the big pond that is show business. The issue is that this story is great enough that it should have been able to do something spectacular, and yet, it didn’t create the kind of spark that people were looking for, especially when it came to those who had been playing the game it was based on. The reason it failed is agreed upon by a lot of fans since it did one thing that too many movies that are based on comics and video games are guilty of, it rushed things in a way that made the story suffer since too much had to be cut out and not enough was left over to show the point of the story and promote strong and necessary character development. There was a great amount of potential to be seen in this story and had it lived up to its potential it’s likely that we would have seen a trilogy unfold between 2016 and now. 

That would have allowed Warcraft to become what it was meant to be, a well-developed story with plenty of characters that would have driven the story and created something that people would have still been talking about. As it is, the mention of a second movie is more of a rumor than anything, and even if it does come out it’s looking at a massive hurdle to get over to remind people why the idea could still be great. A TV series however could shore up the iniquities that the movie created, and it could happen that those who were big parts of the movie could come to the series and make it even better. Travis Fimmel would be a great addition, as would the rest of the cast that were easy to recognize.

Whether it’s likely to happen or not is hard to say since at this moment there are still plenty of people that see the failure of the movie as something that can’t be overcome that easily. It does feel as though a transition from the big screen to the small screen wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but getting the type of actors that would be needed to make things work might be kind of an issue. It would be a minor one to be certain since it’s not hard to think that it might be a little problematic as there might be a few actors here and there that aren’t going to be entirely up to par. Or it could be that the effects won’t be on point, or that something won’t be the way fans want it to be. It could even be that a series would stretch things too far, change too much, or focus on various elements that people might not think are pertinent to the overall story. In short, a lot of things can go wrong, but it does feel that a TV series on a streaming channel would be one of the best options for this type of story. 

The chance to expand upon this story in a series could be highly beneficial since it would allow for a great deal of world-building that would be able to show amazing landscapes that could help to tell the story in a very effective way that might even be able to mask less than stellar acting and dialogue, at least a little bit. A series could also utilize various characters that have been seen in the game and possibly delve into more backstories that would help to build the main story and many other side quests that might make the story a little more interesting since it could help to build things up a little more. Thinking the fans would be all for it is a little bit presumptuous, but it does sound as though some folks would love to see an animated version, which might be able to cut down on the cost just a bit since the effects for a live-action series might be tremendous. From the scenery to the actors to the various costs that would go into the show, it’s very likely that a live-action series would be a huge project. 

Would it be worth it? Yes, it probably would, but thinking about who might be ambitious enough to take on a show like this isn’t tough, it’s simply a question of who would do the best job with the material that’s there. To be serious, there’s no doubt that things would change and fans would have an issue with it, but when it comes to a lot of shows people are still bound to watch. If anyone has the gumption to take on this idea it would be great, though until that happens it’s bound to be a nice idea and little else. 

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