Why The Show “Growing up Chrisley” is Bad for Television

Why The Show “Growing up Chrisley” is Bad for Television

Chrisley Knows Best

If you’re a fan of the Chrisley’s then you might want to turn away since the idea of the spinoff show Growing Up Chrisley was just horrible. Not only did it go off and take a look at Chase and Savannah, it did so in a way that was just bad for TV since the two of them are simply not interesting in the least bit. It doesn’t matter if it was expected to be something grand and great because the original show was so wonderful, the dropoff in ratings from Chrisley Knows Best to the spinoff was amazing since the ratings went down like a sinking stone. Of course it could also be the fact that whatever drama Chase and Savannah have on their own, and there’s bound to be plenty, it’s not nearly enough, or as interesting, as people find on the original show.

That’s kind of amusing really since the original show is, according to Gillian Walters from Nicki Swift, a big bunch of hot air keeping the whole thing afloat. If there’s one thing that people love it’s a good drama, and seeing as how it’s a good bit of drama on a reality show that seems like a win-win with a lot of people these days. The reason for this is that the original show deals with everything and anything that Todd seems to want, from the attempt to reconnect with his eldest children and his siblings to the custody of his granddaughter that seems to spur on the fan base and make him seem like a very affectionate father, husband, son, and grandfather. According to people on the show things are a lot different when the cameras are off. It might be hearsay and it might be the truth but the one thing that it’s usually best for is entertainment no matter what it is. People love to watch the kind of drama that unfolds on TV since it’s not their lives and they happen to need a bit of release in order to feel better about themselves.

But the Chrisley’s, despite having one of the most highly rated shows on TV throughout the last several years, did not hit gold with Growing Up Chrisley. Wade Sheridan from UPI has stated that the network loved the idea, which isn’t hard to believe since they might have thought that Chase and Savannah might have been able to replicate the same success as their father. But the truth of it is that Todd drives the show, while the kids are kind of just window dressing in a way. Out of the entire cast Todd is the one that a lot of people tune in to see and the one person that a lot of people seem to be able to take on a regular basis. The kids are basically there to up the ratings just a bit as their interactions with their father tend to make for better TV. On their own, the kids are about as dull as river rocks and nowhere near as interesting. Watching the ratings plummet was probably kind of like watching the temperature gauge go down when a cold snap comes out of nowhere. But again, the cold snap would probably still be more interesting.

Why so much cynicism? That’s pretty easy, they both seem like the dimmest bulbs on TV at this point and it hasn’t changed since their time on the original show. Savannah has at least got the benefit of being educated, though one still has to wonder just how much of that learning has really penetrated enough to make a difference in her life. Then there’s the idea of them making their way out to LA to start their future, which isn’t a bad thing at all since many upon many people do the same thing. But unless they’re inordinately lucky or simply find a way to make their show interesting without their dad, then it becomes clear that their only claim to fame is going to be having a famous father that they can depend on whenever they need a boost and that they’re just about as hopeless as two young folks can be when it comes to wanting something and not knowing how to get it. At this juncture let’s say that it is kind of hopeful that they find something they’re good at and can make their own. Being fair it seems as though they might have a chance if they take the whole dumb as dirt act and chuck it as far away as they can, and unhitch their lives from their father so that they’ll stand a chance of getting somewhere without needing his influence to help them along the way.

Unless that happens though the show is probably going to be the first in a long line of disappointments for both of them.

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