Why The MacGyver Reboot is Being Canceled after Five Seasons

Why The MacGyver Reboot is Being Canceled after Five Seasons

MacGyver’s been a household name for quite a few years now thanks to the ingenuity of the titular character and the show, so it’s a little saddening to some that the show is calling it quits after season 5. But it does feel as though some folks never really managed to get on board with the current incarnation of the show, perhaps preferring the original to Lucas Till’s version. In all fairness, it was with some trepidation that some decided to take a chance on the show when it returned in 2016, but it’s also worth stating that Till stepped up to the plate and was convincing enough for 5 seasons as the lead character and that his moments of inspired genius were sometimes just as good as the original. That might actually sound blasphemous to say in the eyes of some folks, but the truth is that MacGyver has been used as an idea throughout the years, a way to inspire and tell people that they’ve stepped outside the box to accomplish something wonderful and creative. MacGyver definitely expanded beyond the show a while ago and the reboot didn’t take anything away from that. But there is something to say about bringing back old shows and movies, and it’s that there are times when it can become a bit irritating since the updated versions of the old shows and movies aren’t always horrible, but it kind of leaves one wondering if this is the future of show business.

Over the past decade, it’s been seen that the past is influencing the current slate of TV shows and movies that are coming down the pipeline, but after a while, it was seen that the old material was being brought back in order to see if it could get up and run again. While some shows have been able to do this there have been others that have felt a little awkward upon being revealed, and as a result, haven’t lasted long from conception to cancelation. MacGyver at least had 5 seasons to see whether or not it was going to work, but with people wanting more and more and shifting their likes and dislikes over and over and asking for this or that or some more of this it’s tough for any show to keep meeting the demands of an audience that’s never fully satisfied. It’s hard to predict which shows are going to be kept and which are going to get the ax sometimes, especially since MacGyver feels like one that should have been able to be kept. But perhaps the ingenuity of it became old, or maybe there was some other reason that it didn’t get the nod for another season. The main character has been poked and prodded at in a humorous way over the years since the infamous paper clip and a wad of gum have been used to fix anything and everything that people can think of, and thanks to the spoof, MacGruber, people have managed to get a good laugh.

It does feel kind of backward to think that MacGruber is going to be headed back to the screen while MacGyver will be going away. But this is what people are wanting these days so it’s easier to not fight it and go with it than it is to give folks something that won’t pull down the needed ratings. After all, the first MacGyver had to give way as well, and people weren’t too happy about that either. It’s not always easy to lose a favorite TV show but hey, life goes on. Investing yourself in a show is an arduous and meaningful process for some folks, but for others, it’s no more bothersome than sitting down to watch a movie that you know nothing about but figure might be interesting. MacGyver has always been an interesting idea from the start since a person that can do so much with so little is bound to captivate a lot of people since some of them will want to know if it’s real and will work, and others just want to be amazed in the simple way that TV shows are designed to do so often. Sitting around wondering why MacGyver isn’t on TV any longer is bound to be what some people will do, even while they’re thinking of what else they might want to watch.

But if anyone is keeping track it might not be too much longer before someone at least gets to talking about bringing the series back again. No one has and there’s no rumor of it anywhere as far as anyone knows, but the track record for bringing back old material and updating it for a reboot is still pretty noticeable, so there’s no telling whether or not this will happen. But there’s always that possibility.

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