Why Nightcrawler Deserves a Solo TV Series or Movie

There are a few reasons why Nightcrawler, aka Kurt Wagner, should be given his own series or even a movie in the MCU, and one above them all is that he’s a very understated character, possibly because he’s usually been seen as someone that’s useful but not quite as forceful as his teammates. Born from a union between Mystique and the demonic figure Azazel, Nightcrawler was abandoned by Mystique and raised by a foster mother in a circus environment, which is where he picked up his incredible agility and acrobatic abilities. In the movies he’s starred in thus far, obviously as a supporting character, he hasn’t exactly been given terrible representation, but the idea of Kurt being a kind and gentle person has been played up to such a degree that he’s come off as a bit of a weepy, soft-hearted individual that really doesn’t enjoy fighting, but will do so if those he cares about and those he’s defending are in trouble. His demonic visage has both helped and hampered him throughout his run in the comics and has almost always been something that he’s had to hide from many people since like many mutants he’s not exactly accepted into society unless people happen to know who he is and what he’s all about. Even then there are plenty of individuals that simply don’t want to accept him based on what he looks like and what he is. 

But as far as being an interesting character there’s no doubt that he would be able to carry his own series since the truth is that before and after meeting Professor X, Kurt has had an eventful life and has been on plenty of adventures that could easily be adapted into the MCU. He’s even been part of the team known as Excalibur and served as its leader for a while. He’s also been with the X-Men long enough at this point that he’s taken a turn at leadership, but it’s fair to say that he’s not quite the leader that Storm or Cyclops is. Kurt has also formed a rather strong bond with Wolverine and Colossus in the past, and while he’s not the berserker that Wolverine is, he has a soft spot for the Canadian mutant and is fiercely dedicated to his team members. One reason why Kurt is so close to those he teams with is that he knows the value of community given that he had this with his circus family before he had to depart, and he’s definitely the kind of guy that latches onto a friendship in a very profound way, which makes him feel a bit needy at times but also paints him to be a valiant and very meaningful friend that will throw himself into danger for those he cares about. He’s a great counter to Wolverine, who can tend to flip-flop on people at times for his own reasons, and it might actually be nice to see this kind of dynamic occur when the X-Men make their way to the MCU.

Another interesting development that might be wise to think about if ever the idea comes up that Kurt would get his own show or movie is that in one comic series, the Ultimate X-Men, which many people call a flop but raised a few interesting points, he was a part of the same program that tormented Wolverine for so long, and was used as a weapon much as it was revealed in the second X-Men movie. It could be interesting to see Kurt in this capacity, especially if it led from his captivity to his time with the X-Men and possibly explained through flashbacks just how he came to be the property of the government. There are a few different angles that could be used when bringing Nightcrawler into the MCU, and it would be a great thing indeed if such a move was taken since a lot of the mutants from the Marvel universe could be given a great deal of prominence since their stories have been great reading for a long time and it would be a lot of fun to see them brought into the MCU in a manner that would only continue to build their legend. Nightcrawler is one of those that has been prominent among the X-Men and other groups for a while and has been popular in one moment only to nearly disappear in the next. His power, teleportation, is interesting since he disappears in a cloud of smoke that smells like brimstone and hearkens back to his demonic heritage, while his blue skin and yellow eyes are the only aspects he received from his mother since he’s never been depicted as a shapeshifter. 

But with his abilities, his backstory, and his natural charm if the right actor is selected, Nightcrawler could be a very popular mutant to introduce to the MCU. 

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