Why Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is Must See TV

For those who are unfamiliar, Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is a Freeform TV show centered on a couple of Marvel Comics characters. One is Tyrone Johnson who goes by the name of Cloak, while the other is Tandy Bowen who goes by the name of Dagger. The two are teenagers who come from very different backgrounds but nonetheless received their superpowers in the same incident, which is something that serves to bring them together to further complicate the situation.

Why Is Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Worth Watching?

So far, Cloak and Dagger has had one season that started up in June of 2018 and came to a conclusion in August of 2018. However, Freeform executives made a choice to renew the show when it was still in the middle of its first season, which should make it clear that it was met with a fair amount of enthusiasm. Now, the second season of Cloak and Dagger is starting up, meaning that interested individuals have much to look forward to.

Of course, people who are unfamiliar with the show are bound to be curious about what makes Cloak and Dagger worth watching. The simple answer is that it manages to be not just fun but also smarter than what most people would have expected on initial consideration. However, examining why this is the case requires delving deeper into the details.

For starters, Cloak and Dagger aren’t the most iconic superheroes out there. They have existed for some time, meaning that there is plenty of source material that can be used as fuel for the creative team behind the show. However, Cloak and Dagger don’t really have an iconic story that must make it into the show in the same way that a lot of better-known superheroes do, which makes it more difficult for the show to latch onto a preexisting fan base but provides the writers with much more freedom in exchange.

As a result, the creative team behind Cloak and Dagger can make something that isn’t a traditional superhero show but is still very much situated in a superhero setting. To a considerable extent, their show is a slice-and-life drama about a couple of teenagers whose issues are interwoven with the further complications created by their superpowers, which should come as welcome news for those who enjoy a bit of teen drama from time to time. On top of this, it should be mentioned that the creative team behind Cloak and Dagger are well aware of the fact that their leads are the first young black lead and first young female lead in a Marvel Cinematic Universe project, with the result that they are much more willing to address topics such as racism, sexism, and how bad family dynamics can affect those caught up within them than a lot of their counterparts. Something that might please those who wish that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was more proactive in this regard as a whole.

In this, the creative team are very much helped by the greater freedom afforded to them by their characters. For example, it is interesting to note that the backgrounds of the two main characters have been changed to play with the expectations laid out by the source material as well as other media. Here, Tyrone is the one who lives in the better part of town as well as the one who faces the pressure of needing to be perfect for the sake of pleasing his parents. In contrast, Tandy is the one who comes from a broken home with a neglectful parent. Suffice to say that this is something of a reversal of the two characters’ backgrounds from the comic books, which enables the show to stand out from its source material while still feeling faithful in the broad strokes with a single narrative choice.

As stated earlier, Cloak and Dagger has started up on Freeform once more. For people who are intrigued by the thought of their superhero media blended with elements of slice-of-life teen drama, the show can very much prove well-suited for their personal tastes, particularly if they are interested in shows that are perfectly willing to take stances on some of the most talked-about issues of contemporary American society.

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