Why Love and Hip Hop From Miami Differs from the Rest

Love and hip-hop is a popular reality TV show that talks about the lives of famous rappers and R&B singers. It gets into their personal lives to see how they balance their career, love life, and family. The show became very popular because of its genuine appeal, drama, and excitement. In fact, it has become very addicting that producers decided to create multiple series in different states. For example, love and hip pop Miami features famous artist like Trina, Prince, Bobby Lights, Shay Johnson, and Trick Daddy. These individuals are gifted, focus, and impressive. They live a crazy life, but is able to juggle that and their career. If you look at all the other Love and Hip Hop franchise such as Atlanta and New York, you can clearly see that Miami is by far the best.

If you don’t believe me, here is the list of reasons why Love and Hip-hop Miami is better than all the other shows.

Better R&B talents

The first thing that people often notice when it comes to the reality TV shows is the stars. Obviously, Love and Hip-hop Miami has more well-known legend than all the other shows. For example, Trina, a female rapper that creates popular hits like “Here we go,” and other well-known artists like Prince, Shay Johnson, and trick daddy are also on the list. Love and Hip-Hop in other franchise have some good ones, but not as legendary as Miami.

More skin

The best part about the Love and Hip-hop Miami is that there is more skin. The show takes place in Miami Florida which is known for their beaches, sun, parties, and great bodies. When these reality TV stars wear clothes that reveal parts of their sculpted body, you can tell that the fans are going crazy. I’m not hating on the other Love and Hip-Hop franchise, but let’s be real New York is located in the cold weather of the East Coast, and Atlanta Georgia is in the dirty south where conservatism takes place. That is why the New York and Atlanta fashion show less skin, but more clothes.

Better fashion

The clothing style is a little different in each franchise. Love and hip-hop Miami has more sexy style, which adds some fun and excitement. Love and hip-hop in other franchise such as New York and Atlanta are more conservative, but they are still stylish. The New York style often emphasize more on urban whereas the Atlanta it’s more classy and hip. Either way, you can’t really beat a style that emphasizes on sexiness and confidence, which you can find only in the Miami region.

More diversity

Miami Florida is known for its Cuban diversity. When you add some spice and flare in the fling, things get better. This is why the Love and Hip-hop Miami has more ethnicity and culture than the other franchise. Love and hip-hop in New York and Atlanta often have higher African-American ethnicity in the show than the Miami franchise.

More action

Because of the Cuban and Latino spice that is mixed in the show, Love and Hip-hop Miami tends to have more excitement and action than the other franchise. There’s more drama, more mystery, problems, and obstacles that the stars would have to face. This is the show where you can see affairs and real cheating that truly takes place. The other franchise does have the same thing, but it’s less exciting and it doesn’t have as much flare as the situation that happens in Miami. That is why, viewers tend to be glued to the TV when love and hip-hop Miami occurs on the air.


Living an ordinary life can be boring. Sometimes we wonder how the stars and celebrities are living their lives. We see that they are famous and make millions of dollars, so it makes us wonder how different their lives are. When we watch shows like Love and Hip-hop Miami, it gives us an inside look at what these reality TV stars are going through. It gives us a glimpse of their drama and problems. The show has cheating, affairs, drama, and arguments, which often happens in our ordinary lives as well. When we compare the Miami franchise to the others, we can see that Miami has more excitement, flair, fashion, sexiness, and diversity than the other ones. That is why, people are raving about Miami when they see Love and Hip-hop.

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