Why Koffee with Karan Should Be Brought to the U.S

Koffee with Karan

Most talk shows are a perfect platform for celebrities and dignified individuals to give their stories and expose their stand on diverse issues. On these platforms, the fans and followers of these celebrities get to know them better. Such is what “Koffee with Karan” show has been doing since 2004. According to Wikipedia, “Koffee with Karan” is an Indian celebrity talk show that airs on Star World India. It is hosted by Karan Johar, a renowned movie director, and producer. The show has outlived any other show in India and currently holds the record for running longest having been started back on November 19, 2004. Its producers are Fazila Allana and Kamna Nirula Menezes. The show is built on the idea of, “spilling the beans while having a hot cuppa” with celebrities coming on stage to empty their hearts and speak their minds on any contentious issue. The host, Johar, uses a unique interviewing approach, cajoling, coaxing, and at the same time grilling his guests. This method consequently prompts these celebrities to open up on issues that they might have been unwilling to uncover or confess to the press. As such, bringing such a show to the United States would be a massive step forward for the showbiz industry. Some of the reasons why “Koffee and Karan” should be incorporated in the USA could include:

The show could help solve controversies

At times the showbiz fans are left confused in the event of disputes between celebrities. Furthermore, they are always left to take sides based on the wrong information they acquire from gutter media and the misleading social media. In India, in the case of celebrity controversies and conflicts, the show comes in handy. The conflicting parties share a stage and make their cases clear to the public who can then judge them accordingly. In fact, from this stage, relationships have been mended and bad blood cleaned. On the other hand, in the USA, fans are sucked into baseless conflicts between their idols, without having all the facts. Whereas there are shows that try to find out the bone of contention in these cases, none does it with the intensity and commitment of “Koffee with Karan.” In most cases that have hit the media in the USA, those that attempt to get the details, only get them from one party without hearing the other party’s story. In a notable case of conflict between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, while addressing the issue, Barbara Walters show only gave an audience to Mariah Carey.

It could be an inspiration platform

“Koffee and Karan” brings on stage popular and successful individual whose stories and opinions can impact positively on the viewers of the show as they draw inspiration on issues discussed. According to Ranker, some of the high profile celebrities that have graced the show include; Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Fardeen Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Kareen Kapoor, among others. These individuals are an epitome of success; hence, viewers can learn from them. The American audience also needs inspiration from their stars, and such a show would be a perfect platform for such a bid. The American showbiz is star-studded with individuals who have inspirational life stories of their climb to the top. Should such celebrities be given a stage to tell their stories, it would reflect positively on the lives of the American viewers. Many people have given up on life while others are standing on the ledge and ready to take a jump; they could do with a message of hope.

The show could help improve relationships between celebrities

The show is an interactive platform where, apart from being grilled, the stars get to engage each other in quizzes. In the event when there are several celebrities on the show, the host asks the celebrities questions about Bollywood and other essential issues. The winner gets an award at the end of the show. Consequently, through such engagement, good relations are fostered between these celebrities. On the big American stage, rarely does a month go by without news of feuding stars. Such a show would come in handy to alleviate such conflicts. If celebrities get platforms where they can engage each other in friendly talks and games such as on “Koffee and Karan,” unnecessary conflicts would be out of the question.

A platform for fans-celebrities engagement

On “Koffee and Karan,” the fans engage their idols in a monitored platform which is devoid of insults and obscene language. If fans or celebrities have a bone to pick with each other, they can do so in a controlled environment to avoid negative energy. The unmonitored feedback systems which are in use in the USA are toxic. Platforms such as social media are hard to control with cyber-bullying and trolling becoming prevalent. Ariana Grande had to disable comments after posting a sweet message to her ex-boyfriend who died, and fans blamed her for his death. As such, incorporation of a show similar to “Koffee and Karan” in the USA showbiz would be a big win to fans and celebrities. Unhealthy fights on social media would maybe go down a notch and help put a check on the mental status of beloved stars.

It could offer upcoming celebrities more exposure

Future superstars need exposure to the general public to garner support for their arts and specializations. The show has uplifted many Indian celebrities by giving them a platform to showcase their abilities. Whenever a star appears on the show, their ratings are known to go up significantly. America got talents, but most of the gifted people do not make it to the top due to lack of, or little exposure. Reality Television has given some celebrities a headstart in their careers and a show like “Koffee and Karan” could come in handy in providing young stars a platform to mobilize and rally support for their brands. Furthermore, by making appearances on such a show, these celebrities can get sponsors.

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