Why is The Year 1984 So Significant in Hollywood?

Why is The Year 1984 So Significant in Hollywood?

American Horror Story: 1984

There might be some people wondering why the year 1984 is such a big deal when it comes to Hollywood and the answer is pretty straightforward. As John Orqiuola from ScreenRant has explained there were a few things happening during the early to mid-80s, and that’s pretty straightforward. The 80s were a rather transitory but interesting time since the decade created a slew of stereotypical identities and tropes that have been used again and again throughout the years. Upon watching the show you can see quite a few of these elements and it’s been great so far since in terms of horror the 80s stand alone as one of the absolute groundbreaking decades in which horror was really getting better. The cerebral horror that had been so prevalent during the 60s and 70s was switching over to the more visceral horror that the 80s became known for. The gut-wrenching gore and plausible but very comical performances were what people wanted to see since a lot of times they were scared out of their wits but at the same time managed to get a good laugh out of it as well.

Plus, if you really stand back and take a look at things, the 80s are coming back to us in a big way since AHS 1984 isn’t the only thing that’s been dredged up from the decades that have come before. A lot of different movies, not all of them horror, have been making a comeback and have been doing so in a manner that’s been kind of convincing. Jennifer Maas and Phil Owen of The Wrap have managed to chime in with their two cents about this show and what it means to them and others watching. In essence, Hollywood has been dependent on the 80s for a lot of the most groundbreaking ideas and compelling story lines that have come about in a long time. The only downside here is that some of them might need to be laid to rest eventually, or reinvented in a way that will pay homage to the original and yet continue the traditions that were created so long ago. So far there have been a few great attempts to drag the 80s forward and convince people that they’re still worth looking at, but in some respects it’s been kind of a disaster. Thus far with AHS’s newest season it’s been pretty entertaining since the show takes us back to some of the things we wish we could forget, such as the fashions, the attitudes, and of course the recreational drug use that never seemed to get any better as the decades rolled by.

As Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times has stated, the 80s are back, whether that’s for good or ill. But remembering why the 80s were such a hit without feeling the need to rehash some of the old and more negative habits wouldn’t be enough to keep the attention of the people as you can guess, so filmmakers and TV execs have been trying to bring it ALL back in one way or another. What’s funny about this, to me at least if no one else, is that with all the hype that’s going on about violence and bad habits that are seen on the big screen, very few people ever seem to chime in when it comes to talking about what we see on the small screen. With the increased frequency of being able to stream TV shows and having more of them to choose from and be exposed to in terms of the negative images one might think that more people might be willing to say something about this, but movies continue to be the biggest influence that anyone seems worried about. That’s a bit odd, isn’t it?

Anyway, the idea of 1984 is that a lot was happening and as a result it’s become a year that lives in infamy as it was one of the years in which a great number of popular movies made their way out and franchises were continuing to rise and dominate the box office. In other words it was a year when a lot of things were happening and as such it became a series of moments when Hollywood was simply busy beyond belief. Since then there have been many other moments that have taken over and have been seen as pivotal in show business, but for a big reason 1984 has still managed to take center stage a time or two when it’s been given notice. There have been a lot of great years in Hollywood but this is one that seems to draw people back now and again in fond remembrance and as a point of reference since it managed to introduce a few different ideas that we’re still able to care about now as they’re dished out to us in new and exciting ways. It’s fair to say that not everything from the 80s had that smooth of a transition from then to now, but a lot of ideas did make the jump and did manage to hold for long enough so that people could find interest once again.

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