Why Godzilla vs. Kong 2 Shouldn’t Happen

You know someone’s already working on a script for it somewhere since Godzilla vs. Kong has already been gaining accolades and a lot of people are thinking ‘rematch’. But it would be so much better if this didn’t happen, and there are a lot of reasons, but one among them is that it’s been established that Godzilla is a bit too much for Kong to handle, so there’s no need to have another go to prove it. But then again, one can easily think that someone is asking what might happen if Godzilla was to take on Kong in a place where he’s not only more at home, but where he could possibly grow without the constant threat from predators. Think of it this way, Kong was attacked when he reached hollow earth by two flying serpents that were easily big enough to take him down if he’d been unprepared. But he swatted them both down pretty easily, and unless there’s something else waiting in the hollow earth it’s very possible that Kong might be the current alpha where he’s at since he’s right at home and has no trouble navigating his way across the vast chasms, or taking care of himself when it comes to a fight. The hollow earth was mentioned in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but it was shrugged off very quickly after that. What was understood though was that this was how Godzilla moved from place to place so quickly, which indicated that he might have a familiarity with the place, even if he stuck to his underwater environment more often. 

All the discussion in the world wouldn’t change my mind on this however since the temptation to say that there SHOULD be a second movie is easily tempered by the idea that if the two did meet again that it should be another chance to fight together instead of against each other. They did pretty well against Mechagodzilla, and if there’s one thing that’s known about humans titans, it’s that neither really ever stop when it comes to coming up with another way to be a nuisance. There is the fact that the titans listed at the beginning as being defeated, perhaps killed in every case, would indicate that the two were the last ones standing, but in the history of Godzilla, one has to remember that there are A LOT of titans out there, and as it was seen in King of the Monsters not all of them are so easy to find since they’ve found ways to hide in plain sight without anyone knowing they were there, except maybe for Monarch. Thinking that it’s still possible for any titans to be left apart from Godzilla and Kong is kind of tough since it feels as though Godzilla would have been seeking them out instead of going after Kong or Apex to assert his dominance. It’s still kind of funny that the movie made it possible for those that were tracking Godzilla to remain blind as to why he might be attacking one location out of many when he wasn’t really causing such widespread damage. It’s also interesting that Godzilla would even go about taking down the other titans when they obviously bowed to him in the last movie, but apparently not knowing their ultimate motivations makes it hard to see why the big lizard would simply snuff each one of them out. 

But another Godzilla vs. Kong movie would only be more of the same, or at least it feels like this. The human portions of these movies have been kind of hard to take at times simply since the humans are made to be rather dim in the movies, no matter how smart they’re supposed to be. It’s easy to talk when one is part of the audience obviously, but it’s also easy to see that people in the movie wouldn’t need to be hampered by being so clueless when the studies that Monarch has conducted for so long should have been able to pull up a very wide scope on the titans and why they appeared at times. But bringing up a sequel to this movie, which might be in the works or not, is not that great of an idea since the general feeling is that the movie should be allowed to sit and just be what it is, a great chance to see Kong and Godzilla go at it once again after so many decades and to see how special effects can capture it in a way that’s nothing short of awesome. But to keep this idea going and going feels like it would eventually cheapen it and lower the actual entertainment value. That, and if Kong did come back and thrash Godzilla at any given time there are plenty of Godzilla fans that would start making excuses from here to Christmas. Seriously, Kong fans took the loss with a shrug, especially since the big ape didn’t bow down and he did come back to help the big lizard. 

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