Why Donald Trump Might be the DC Universe President

You are probably awaiting the upcoming release of Doomsday Clock with eager anticipation. Each issue just seems to be more profound and graphically appealing than the one before. It is a comic that transcends the ages. At the same time, the illustrators often do something that really creates that ‘wow’ effect on all who open the pages of the comic book itself. In this case, it appears that none other than Donald Trump might just be the new President of the DC Comics Universe. Won’t that be an interesting twist?

The Back Story

You might know Donald Trump as a famous real estate investor turned reality television show host. Beyond that, you most certainly know him a recently turned politician who quickly rose to the top of the American system by becoming President of the United States. Now, it appears as though he might just be the president that is represented in the upcoming Doomsday Clock #9.

While it might not be common, it is not unheard of for DC Comics to illustrate real life politicians in their stories from time to time. Remember that Superman himself set out to recruit JFK to represent himself as Clark Kent in order to help protect his true identity from Lois Lane. On most other occasions, however, DC Comics has set a strict policy against using real world politicians in its comics in an effort to make each character independent of actual politics. In reality, it is probably up to each individual writer and editors to determine what and who gets included. In this case, it appears that Donald Trump might just be the next American politician to make an appearance as President in the DC Universe.

It Is A Political Story To Begin With

One of the reasons why President Trump may be the perfect addition to this upcoming issue is that the story behind Doomsday Clock is largely a political one to begin with. It is a story that talks about the nuclear arms race and how nations other than America are working to create their own cast of superheroes to protect themselves. This comes because of the discovery that the USA has actually been creating its own cast of superheroes for quite some time.

We arrive at this latest Doomsday Clock issue right in the middle of a major international crisis. Superman himself is in trouble for trying to solve a fight between the military in Russia and Firestorm. This is an ugly scene that will require someone to intervene. In fact, it is the President of the United States who is being encouraged to distance himself from the actions of Superman. It is this type of political wrangling that just might has been perfect for Donald Trump to have been cast into, and he might possibly have been anyway.

It’s Not the Name

It is true that this series does not appear to identify Donald Trump by name. We do not even see his face yet. However, we do know that the president is portrayed by a white male. The character that is drawn is also apparently wearing a navy blue suit. If you have seen Donald Trump on television lately, you would know that this is all he wears. That kind of clues us in that Donald Trump might have just become president of the DC Universe. What do you think?

You might think that this is just circumstantial evidence as best, but even the words that are written in the latest issue of Doomsday Clock mimic the way Donald Trump speaks. Trump, for example, is famous for using the word huge. You will find that this episode of Doomsday Clock has a president that has a propensity for saying the same thing. Coincidence? We really don’t think so.

One thing is for sure, and that this is drawing even more attention to the upcoming issue. The storyline has already been established. It is quite captivating to watch the other nations gang up on Superman, and it evokes more than a few emotions in fans of the superhero. It will be interesting to see what happens. In the end, it appears as if Donald Trump has possibly just expanded on his Presidential duties and is involved with the DC Universe. You be the judge and decide for yourself.

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