Why Did Rose Tico Get Such Little Screen Time in Rise of Skywalker?

Rose Tico

It’s funny but a lot of people had a serious problem with Rose Tico in The Last Jedi and now people are trying to champion her cause in Rise of Skywalker considering she had less than two minutes of screen time. Maybe if it was called ‘The Adventures of Rose’ or something along those lines it would have featured her a bit more in the movie but honestly it was titled Rise of Skywalker so it’s not hard to think that she had to take a back seat to the main stars as they completed their arcs in the story. The fact that she was brought into TLJ so prominently had more to do with interacting with Finn and was thanks to the mission they had to undertake to find a codebreaker. This time around she was still a part of the Resistance but the action that was taking place didn’t have a lot to do with her since she there for a specific purpose just like the rest of the cast. Unfortunately as Molly Freeman of ScreenRant and many people feel she wasn’t nearly as involved as she should have been in the final movie given that she was set up so well in the second one. This is when we need to remind the diehards to get over themselves and realize that the saga wasn’t about Rose.

As a supporting character Rose is fine really since she does have what it takes to hold up as a part of the Star Wars story and she has been featured in the novels as well. But on her own, Rose’s story is something that might warrant an arc in a TV series but not much more. Brit Lawrence from CinemaBlend has more to say on this. This is akin to fans loving Barb from Stranger Things really, only without the overall tragedy. To think that anyone came at Kelly Marie Tran in a hateful way over her character is unfortunately true but ridiculous since there was no need to bash her for a character that wasn’t of her making. She had a worthwhile part in TLJ but it wasn’t meant to last since there was so much more to see and do in TROS, and had she been given that much more time it wouldn’t have made a lot of sense unless she had more to do with the overall story. As it stands, having her there was great since it showed continuity and solidarity, but seriously, she’s a supporting character, someone that can come and go as needed, and while she’s important in her own way she’s not the overall hero of the story. Like it or not fans, and in some ways I use that term loosely, Rose was right where she needed to be.

Thanks to this thought though there are already people campaigning to give Rose her own show on Disney+ and the support is growing at this moment. Some feel it’s a ridiculous idea and might stand as more of a way to practice equality than good storytelling, while others believe it can help to remedy the egregious error of not giving Rose more screen time in the movie. In any case it is kind of ridiculous since a story about Rose might be possible but coming as it would be in the wake of The Mandalorian it’s not a great enough idea to turn a profit. No matter how much people clamor for this one, and they will without a doubt because it could cause drama and be something to get offended about, it’s not a great move if Disney decides to do it. Rose was where she needed to be, as a support and as a friendly face that had a definite role in the Resistance and an important job to do. But she wasn’t a Jedi and she wasn’t a general. She was a soldier with her boots on the ground and a mission to complete along with everyone else, and she did it well. Ranting and raving to get Rose her own show seems more like the tantrums of children crying because they can, not because there’s anything to really cry about.

In fact, as per Fred Topel of the CheatSheet, it would appear that Kelly wasn’t nearly as upset as others were about her time on TROS:

“It was really wonderful. From the last time, there seems to be such a bond between everyone and also the new guys. Everyone just feels, it sounds so cheesy and so cliche, and it is but it truly feels like everyone’s a family and we’re all just there to have fun and be part of something that’s so much bigger than us as individuals. That’s a really cool thing to share with people.”

You see? The actual actress that played the part didn’t even have an issue with it since she realized everyone was there to be a part of something bigger. Dry your eyes ‘fans’.

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