Why CW’s “The Flash” Can Last 10 Seasons or More

If you’ve never seen any of CW’s Arrowverse shows, you’re missing out on something good. All of CW’s superhero shows are worth watching, but there’s one that stands out to be favorite to most fans. That show is the second installment in the series of shows, and it features one superfast smart guy. That’s right–it’s The Flash, and at this point, there’s truly no slowing this one down. The Flash premiered in 2014 and is now entering its sixth season. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve seen everything about this show just get better. The storylines have gotten better. The characters have gotten better. Even the acting has improved quite dramatically. We’ve shared plenty of laughs on the show, but it’s serious enough to warrant some deep emotions from time to time. We’ll be the first to admit that the show had a rocky start. But those who stuck with The Flash through thick and thin can attest to the fact that it’s now probably one of television’s best shows. We can foresee this show lasting up to ten seasons or maybe even more, and we’re going to tell you how and why.

1. Grant Gustin

The talent that is Grant Gustin is just incredible. According to this article,The Flash has long been considered as the Arrowverse’s flagship show (instead of Arrow), and that’s probably largely due to Gustin himself. Again, we had our doubts in the beginning, especially after watching Gustin on Glee back in the days. No offense to his skills as a performer, but we couldn’t picture the scrawny pretty face to bring in enough grit in order to make The Flash happen. Well he did, and he continues to do so. Logistically, we can see Gustin taking the role of Barry Allen well into season 10. Unfortunately, he might have to pass on that baton if the show will continue further than 10 seasons. So many different people and characters have carried the name of The Flash that it brings us to our second reason how and why this show will last.

2. The Multiverse

At some point on the show, the few scientists that work with Barry Allen figured out how the multiverse works. In layman’s terms, that basically means that there are many different universes existing all at the same time. It can be complicated if you really want to think about it, and here’s an article that explains what the multiverse is in further detail. But because the multiverse exists in The Flash, it basically means that the characters on the show can die an infinite number of times, and they can easily come back just as many times. This idea also helps the notion that Grant Gustin can essentially play the role for as long as it still works. We definitely wouldn’t mind if he did.

3. Time Travel

The concept of time travel in the Arrowverse was also introduced in The Flash. Because time travel exists on the show, it gives the writers a lot of concepts to play with. Time travel on The Flash is not quite like it is on Legends of Tomorrow–another Arrowverse show. However, it’s given the characters on the show plenty to contend with and figure out. The storytelling on the show is not a straight line. It veers off into so many different directions that it gives the show a lot of dimension to work with. Storytelling on The Flash is done incredibly well, and this alone could propel the show into more seasons into the future.

4. Villains

We’ve seen some of The Flash’s best villains on the show already. There’s Zoom, Savitar, Captain Cold, and Grodd among others. However, there are plenty of other villains we’re waiting to see. The Flash is easily one of the best superheroes out there; and in the comic books, we’ve seen him tackle some good villainous characters as well. This article lists some of The Flash’s villains that we haven’t seen yet. This list alone could take the show well into season 10. In addition, there’s also no stopping the show’s writers from creating villains specifically for the purpose of the television show. This brings us to our next reason why and how The Flash can last longer.

5. The Writing

In a show like The Flash, there are really no limits as to where you can take the story. First off, there’s science involved; and when there’s science involved, the possibilities are really endless. We’ve already mentioned the multiverse and time travel here. As far as writing is concerned, we’ve seen the show do cross overs with other CW shows like it’s simple math. Of course we know it wasn’t easy to do the crossovers we’ve seen so far, but they’ve all been done so well. This article from Entertainment Weekly talks about just how much fun the last crossover was, and it’s true. The crossovers allow characters from different shows to interact with each other, and it makes for an unbelievable story writing opportunities.

6. The Characters

Grant Gustin is lovable as Barry Allen, but the supporting cast is just as good. We’ve already seen some favorite characters depart from the show, but there’s enough momentum going on there that the show easily recovers every time–even after we lost Carlos Valdes’ Cisco Ramon. There’s so much talent remaining on the show that it’s almost difficult to believe. Tom Cavanagh is always a delight on the show as different versions of Harrison Wells. Jesse L. Martin is amazing as Joe, Barry Allen’s adoptive dad. Television veteran Danielle Panabaker is also awesome as the duality that’s Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost. And of course, there’s Candice Patton as Barry’s love interest on the show, Iris West-Allen. The team on the show is so dynamic and naturally meshed that it seems more unnatural to stop their existence. With this kind of cast, The Flash should be safe from getting the boot for a long time.

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