Why Christina Ricci Should be Morticia in Addams Family Reboot

Why Christina Ricci Should be Morticia in Addams Family Reboot

Why Christina Ricci Should be Morticia in Addams Family Reboot

Casting Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams feels like a no-brainer since to be fair she’s had enough experience being part of the iconic family when she played Wednesday for The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. Bringing her back to play the mother figure of the family wouldn’t be a bad idea at all since it’s very likely that she could take on the role without any real difficulty. As of now, there doesn’t appear to be a set list of cast members for the project that Tim Burton has been working on, which is a story of Wednesday attending Nevermore Academy, where she’ll be learning to harness her abilities and will be seeking to solve a mystery and try to protect the local town from a killing spree that has been ongoing. In other words, it almost sounds like Wednesday will be taking after Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but with a darker lean to the story since this is what the Addams are known for and it’s likely what fans will expect. But the casting of Ricci as Morticia does sound like a great idea, even if she’s not the only one being considered for the role since there are a few others that are being looked at for the role. Casting for the Addams Family is bound to be something that a lot of actors might want to get in on since the deranged family is one of the favorites of many fans and could possibly be again if Tim Burton finds a way to make it happen. The thing about casting for the Addams Family though is that any actor will be stepping into a role that will be greatly overshadowed by those that have come before since the roles are both iconic and kind of hard to complete given that the entire family is a bit nuts.

Anyone trying to take over the role of Gomez would have to compete with the performance given by Raul Julia, who arguably put up the BEST performance as the father figure that was both caring and demented at the same time. Raul was undeniably great in his delivery, his tone, and in the manner in which he so playfully constructed the character and executed each line while on the set. Uncle Fester might be a little easier to cast since there are plenty of actors in Hollywood that might be able to do what Christopher Lloyd did with the role, but again, it would be kind of difficult to see anyone else in these roles if only because they’ve been upheld so well over the years. Pugsley and Grandma are a bit easier still since they could be taken on by quite a few actors, and the character of Lurch would require a rather big actor or someone that could at least deliver a performance that might convince the audience that they were worth the spot. The Addams definitely need the right touch, which means they need actors the know the story, know the family, and can get into character without too much prompting or coaching. Taking on these roles wouldn’t be impossible for a lot of individuals, but it might be difficult for a good number of people. It’s hard to say just how many of the actual family members would be showing up in Tim Burton’s project though since it does sound as though Wednesday’s parents have been affected by the mystery that she needs to solve, but there’s no mention of her brother or other family members at the moment. Right now it does sound as though the Wednesday project might be going ahead as planned, but an Addams Family reboot could be in the process as well. It sounds as though Burton hasn’t spoken to Ricci about this as of yet, but one can imagine that he’ll be getting to it eventually, maybe, if she becomes the desired actress for this role.

It doesn’t feel as though it should go to anyone else, but if there is another actress out there that can take on the role and do a better job, first let’s just say that would be amazing and that she would definitely deserve the role, then perhaps Ricci can still be involved with the project somehow. It does feel as though she should be involved with this somehow, and as Morticia, it would be great thanks to her experience and possible expertise. But if she doesn’t get the nod then so be it, perhaps she can find another role in the project that she’ll excel at. Whenever talk about the Addams Family comes up, it’s only natural to think of Ricci and the others, since they helped to create such a great memory concerning the popular but obviously disturbing family. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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