Revenge Episode 11 Review: Nothing Brings a Divorcing Couple Together Like an Unmedicated Houseguest

Revenge Episode 11 Review: Nothing Brings a Divorcing Couple Together Like an Unmedicated Houseguest

Revenge is back! While the ending of the episode may be slightly anti-climactic, Emily deserves props for finding every opportunity to manipulate the situation at hand. Let’s begin with the Grayson family. More specifically, with Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny), who are proceeding with their divorce.

Victoria wants a few choice pieces of art, but, more specifically, she wants Grayson’s Manor in the Hamptons. Conrad and his lawyer refuse to simply hand it over since it’s the most valuable of Grayson’s properties. Altogether, they want to hold Victoria to the prenup, only Victoria’s lawyer said she was pregnant when she signed it, so it’s invalid.

Later, Victoria admitted to her lawyer that she wasn’t actually pregnant when she signed the prenup. But that’s no problem because her lawyer found a doctor to fabricate the records. In the midst of this acrimony, the Graysons did manage to find a common enemy in this week’s Revenge: Tyler (Ashton Holmes).

Conrad told Victoria that their son’s psychotic friend had evidence of what they did to David Clarke (James Tupper), and Frank’s (Max Martini) involvement in Lydia’s (Amber Valletta) accident. This allowed for about 20 minutes of co-existence. Until it went down the drain.

Meanwhile, Daniel (Josh Bowman) was gearing up to celebrate his birthday but preferred Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) suggestion of a small clambake to his mother’s customary large-scale events. Emily recruited Amanda and Jack (Nick Wechsler) to help her, which led to a very uncomfortable first meeting between the Graysons and the girl they believed was Amanda Clarke.

But before the interrupted party, Emily managed to snatch back Tyler’s evidence against her and also discovered he was off his anti-psychotic meds. This prompted Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to contact Tyler’s brother in hopes that he could convince Tyler to leave town.

When Tyler realized that his whale camera was gone, he headed to Nolan’s house to retrieve it. Unfortunately, Nolan didn’t have the camera, but he got cut in the arm and tied to a chair for his trouble. Tyler quickly realized that Emily had the camera and headed over there, breaking into her house while the party took place on the beach.

Later, Emily went back to the house to retrieve the cake and stood up to Tyler without any fear, even when he pulled her own gun on her. Tyler then headed back to the beach and threatened Emily and the other guests.

In particular, Tyler prompted Conrad to tell the truth about what he did to David Clarke. Fortunately, Conrad wasn’t forced to spill the beans, but now the others – especially Amanda – are curious as to what Tyler meant. In the end, Tyler’s brother showed up and provided enough of a distraction to let Jack and Daniel take Tyler down.

Of course, that didn’t really matter, since Emily knew from the beginning that the gun in Tyler’s hand wasn’t actually loaded. And she also managed to plant Frank’s missing wallet into Tyler’s pocket, which means the cops are now focusing on him as Frank’s murderer. Which also means Conrad is off the hook and he warned Victoria that their divorce is about to get very messy.

Like I said, the ending was slightly anti-climatic. The truth is, we always knew how it was going to end and the fact that everyone at the party (possibly barring Amanda) was going to survive. Each of the clambake guests – save Daniel – was first seen in the engagement party in the pilot episode. The only real question was how the situation would end and how Tyler would be stopped. Regardless of how it ended, I am continuously impressed by Emily. For a while there, it looked like she had lost her way. Tyler’s continued involved with the Grayson family and Amanda’s unexpected arrival threw her for a loop and she struggled to get back on track. How impressive was she in this week’s Revenge, not only to stand bravely against Tyler but also to pin Frank’s murder on him? I would not want to cross that woman.

Overall, I’m pleased one of my favorite new shows of 2011 has returned for the new year. Next week Emily gears up for another take-down-one-character-in-a-single-episode mission that’s been largely absent for several episodes. But it also looks like Daniel is planning his own revenge against his father that might prove to be delicious. Watch a trailer for the January 11 episode of Revenge here.

Some final thoughts:

-I’m curious how Amanda and Victoria will interact in upcoming episodes, especially given how Victoria seemed to dismiss her as a non-entity this week. Was she merely posturing for Conrad and plans to learn more about Amanda?
-I loved the contrast between Victoria and Conrad as parents. Conrad is obviously no stranger to bad deeds, but unlike Victoria he didn’t look down on Declan for his relationship with Charlotte.
-Victoria stealing Emily’s idea of giving Daniel a scrapbook of memories was so sneaky and underhanded. Obviously she won with the better scrapbook, but Emily is clearly mistaken in thinking that Victoria will ever truly accept her.
-I’m curious whether Amanda will choose to pursue her suspicions about Conrad and David Clarke and what that will mean for Emily.
-I love that Emily and Nolan are back to being friends. And, is it just me, or are they even more comfortable with each other now than they were before their little fight?

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