Amazon Prime Takes ‘American Idol’ in U.K. in Landmark Deal

Amazon Prime Takes ‘American Idol’ in U.K. in Landmark Deal

In terms of watching American Idol on streaming TV this is a big deal, a landmark if you will for Amazon Prime. The show will be broadcast two days after it’s aired in the US, but it will still mark a very monumental shift in the TV market. American Idol if you can recall has been running for about 15 seasons and has played home to a veritable host of judges, all of whom have shown at least some interest in being there and have managed to judge some of the best and worst contestants the show has ever seen. There have been some controversies of course and some judges haven’t always gotten along, but the show has lasted this long largely because it’s a program that people want to watch and are willing to wait for.

The current panel of judges features Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie, and Katy Perry, who have been so far quite influential when it comes to the talent that’s been coming through. There are always been to be some antics on the show, such as when Perry gave a kiss to one of the contestants, but all in all it’s a showcase of bright new talent that could go on to become the next best thing in music. The UK will no doubt be grateful to be able to stream the show so that they won’t miss out on their favorite episodes and can cheer right along with everyone else for their favorite singers. A lot of people can probably remember back to the first season when Kelly Clarkson came out and was such a big hit. The days of Simon Cowell and his reign of terror, just kidding, kind of, and of Paula Abdul praising people in her own unique way came and went but the show kept going, as the thirst for more drove people to keep demanding one season after another.

At one point American Idol was set to go off the air and many fans were having panic attacks since they didn’t seem to know what they would do with themselves. Because you know our lives revolve around the TV in the evenings. But of course once the execs saw the ratings they figured that a hiatus was probably the best bet, and decided that they wanted to wait until 2020 to bring the show back. And of course we all have seen how that turned out. The hiatus turned out be minor hiccup in the programming and the show was brought back post haste without any further adieu and without much more than a few months worth of people wondering if it was really ever going to come back. After all you don’t just up and get rid of a money-maker.

The show is back obviously and just as popular as ever as the judges go on each and every time and try to make their best judgment as to who gets to move on and who just gets to move to make space for the next person.

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