Why Brainiac Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Between DC and Marvel, there are a lot of characters that fans feel could be presented in a way that would benefit their story arc by giving them a series or a standalone movie to better explain them. Some characters might need to tack on other heroes or villains in their solo bout simply to give a better idea of what’s going on and why they’re so important, but the idea of bringing someone like Brainiac to the forefront and showing why he’s such a great villain should be considered. With a vast intellect and the ability to make other villains like General Zod think twice before messing with him, this particular villain is someone that might be interesting to take a look at in terms of an origin story to see just how he became the being that a lot of the DC universe knows to fear. When even Zod won’t willingly go up against a character it’s fair to say that the individual is something of an issue, but again, people might want to know, outside of the comics, how he came to be such a huge threat. This would no doubt make for a great series since explaining it all in a movie doesn’t feel like it would be entirely possible. Drumming up interest for this idea though might be an issue since it would need a hero to balance things out, or at least one or two since Brainiac has been around the DC universe for quite a while according to his bio. Explaining who he was, to begin with, and how he came to be would be kind of interesting, to say the least since it might shed a bit of light on the character that people might not have thought about. But if a series was made of this character it would definitely need to surpass anything that’s already been done.

It’s coming to the point when we can say that a few different characters can smack Superman around, which might make such a feat a little less impressive, but Brainiac is one of those that can offer the man of steel a beatdown if he’s so inclined since his mastery over technology and his own physiology has been shown to be more than a little impressive in the comics. Through technological superiority, he’s been able to do quite a few things that would amaze a lot of people, especially if they’re shown on screen in an efficient manner. Think about watching a city being shrunk down to miniature size, or Brainiac’s clones doing battle with the Justice League. There are quite a few things that this villain would bring to the screen that would be extremely impressive if taken on by the right director and their skilled team of special effects coordinators. Brainiac could be a villain that changes the game in such a big way that the heroes might be forced to give ground before they came up with a way to fight back. Think about this as a movie, or possibly two or three movies, in which Brainiac does something intelligent and forces a major story arc upon DC that would enable them to bring more and more heroes together to combat the threat that this villain represents. That might actually put them on par with the MCU if they could do such a thing. Seriously, why not make Brainiac a multi-level threat? The technological aspect of it alone should be able to create such a storyline and following that it would be intriguing to see just how far Brainiac’s reach could extend. It would show his strength as well as his weakness since this villain doesn’t tend to rely on others unless he can control them, which means that he’s destined to reveal a host of flaws in his plans no matter how strong he appears.

The arrival of Brainiac could make for a great arc and an enemy to fight against that would be insanely relentless, not to mention difficult if not impossible to fight against since his mastery of technology would be such that even Batman might not be able to keep him out. Even Cyborg would likely have a serious problem with him, while several of the Justice League members might be able to take him down. But it would be one hell of a fight, especially given everything that Brainiac has at his command and the knowledge he could gain of each hero before ever coming within range of them. This is the kind of enemy that would be dangerous simply because of the things he knows and the ways that such knowledge can be applied. Unlike Darkseid, he wouldn’t rely on the blunt force attacks of his underlings, as Brainiac would seek the weaknesses of his enemies before formulating a plan of attack.

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