Why Bambi’s Remake Can Prove To Be An Inspirational Tale For Today’s Youth

Why Bambi’s Remake Can Prove To Be An Inspirational Tale For Today’s Youth
Why Bambi’s Remake Can Prove To Be An Inspirational Tale For Today’s Youth

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Disney first announced in 2020 that the beloved classic Bambi would get a live-action remake. That goes with the firm’s current trend of remaking other animated series like Hercules and The Little Mermaid. So far, Disney has already made a profit of more than $8 billion by releasing other classics like The Jungle Book, Christopher Robin, and Alice In Wonderland.

Now that one of the lead writers, Lindsey Beer, has finally turned in her script for the movie, we may see the remake hit the theaters soon. Although, some people still need to be convinced as to how an animated film over 80 years old may still be relevant to a modern audience. Well, then, this piece will help you find out why.

A passion project realized too late

Bambi (1942) had everything going against it from early production to release. It was supposed to be based on a story called “Bambi, a Life in the Woods” by writer and hunter Felix Saltin. Walt Disney gained the rights to the book after Sidney Franklin, a producer for MGM, passed it up on being too difficult for production. That was in 1939, when World War II was in its early stages. Several troubles with staffing and animation pushed the release date to 1942.

The movie was eventually released in theaters and was a commercial failure, making just over a million dollars in the US and Canada. Walt Disney later regretted that the movie wasn’t as appreciated at the time, citing that the people had more pressing matters to attend to. Even the critics of the time published scathing reviews of the film.

Yet, several decades later, the movie got a much warmer reception, with several reruns on cartoon channels and several small-scale cinemas having Housefull bookings. It was inducted both into the Hall of Fame and the National Film Registry as one of the most famous animated movies of all time. Nine years later, history was repeating itself, with the 2020 remake being delayed due to the pandemic. Hopefully, it will receive a more positive reception than its predecessor during release.

A story close to nature

As we battle climate change, wildfires, and an ever-shrinking biodiversity index, Bambi can serve as a pleasant reminder that there is still hope to change for the better. The story describes how humans can negatively affect a balanced ecosystem. The spreading of fire from the hunter’s camps shows how desperate it was for all the creatures to evacuate from the area. It was one of the bleakest depictions of habitat destruction in a movie primarily focused on kids.

Why Bambi’s Remake Can Prove To Be An Inspirational Tale For Today’s Youth

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Bambi shows that even the worst conditions can be turned into joy if we put in the effort. The best depiction is that, even as Bambi narrowly escaped being burned by the forest fire, he was still playing with his friends in the snow, hoping for a better tomorrow. If done right, the movie can shine a light on the issues such as pollution and resource degradation with a more positive and hopeful spin. Given how Disney has handled titles like Moana and Coco, it might be the same with Bambi as well.

Growing up adapting to responsibility

The way Disney made Bambi, the film portrays the significant events in the life of Bambi growing up. From a kid to an adolescent to becoming a father himself, it shows the varying perspectives and challenges that come with each life stage so that people of all ages can appreciate it. That is something that today’s young generation desperately needs.

Today, people need to understand that growing up comes with its perks and flaws. You may face varying challenges in life and need to be ready without losing your motivation or straying from your goals. Bambi’s animation and creature design made him appealing to an audience of all genders. With billions of dollars and modern animation technology behind them, let’s hope that Disney can take that even further.

When can you expect a release?

Why Bambi’s Remake Can Prove To Be An Inspirational Tale For Today’s Youth

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As of 2022, only the script from the two lead writers has been submitted, the other being Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who wrote Captain Marvel. We have yet to have details on who will play Thumper the rabbit and Flower, the skunk. Although, it will be hard to trump the voice of Bob Stuart and Sam Edwards.

Disney says that pre-production will likely start in 2023 once the voice cast and animation studios have finalized. Thus, we can expect a release no sooner than 2024. Nevertheless, if they adopt it neatly, Walt Disney’s dream of his favorite passion project taking flight, can finally be realized.Moana

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