Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Who Will Ciara Pick?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Who Will Ciara Pick?

Days of Our Lives fans watch as things unfold between people we never saw them unfolding between. One thing we’ve had our eyes on this week is the situation between both Kate and Stefan. He wants to know if Kayla is being honest and telling him the truth about Kate, and there is nothing that he can do other than ask for some proof of this situation. He’s not so stupid he just wants to take her word for what is going on in her life, but he wants to be sure she’s going to provide him with what he is asking for. She’s already put herself on the line when she was caught by Kate, and now she has to do it again and in a way that is much more dangerous for her. But he doesn’t care how it makes her look or what she has to do.

We also saw that Will admitted to Paul that he’s having some memories. He’s been keeping it from him because it’s about Sonny. Of course, Paul is perfectly aware that they were married and that he will have many memories of Sonny, so we’re not sure why he’s so hesitant to tell him what is going on in his mind. Whatever it is, he’s feeling guilty about it and wants to stop what he’s doing to move on. He’s finally opening up to him, though, and that might make things a little more interesting. Finally, we saw Abigail suspect she is pregnant, but she kept it from her husband. She did, however, tell Gabi; the woman we know is planning on taking Abigail down to get her to fall the way she feels she made her fall. It will not go down well, and Abby needs to watch out.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

Now that Ben and Ciara seem to be making waves on their own adventure, it has fans wanting to know a few things. For one, they want to know if this means that Ben is now a good guy and we all have to get used to that. Secondly, they want to know if there is a chance Ciara and Tripp might get back together. And then they want to know what the name of each couple will be. Is it Tiara or Cin? Who do you vote for in this situation?

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara are moving on with things in their personal relationship. He’s managed to make her feel good enough to trust him, and we just aren’t convinced this is a good thing. He’s a dangerous man, and we suspect this is not a situation that will end well. She’s managed to stay hidden from her mother despite calling her last week to simply let her know she’s all right but not interested in being found. Now we will see them bond even more, and they will become quite close in their feelings for one another. This is simply not going to end well. She cannot stay hidden forever, and he cannot find love with a police officer’s daughter when he was locked up for so long because of his issues with, you know, killing people.

This is not a situation we want to see, and we also don’t want to see more of Brady and Theresa. She’s making bad moves and poor decisions, and he is looking for a way to take her down and make her miserable. Hope also believes her daughter is with Ben, but she’s feeling more like her daughter is being held hostage. It might not be well for her, but she will find out soon enough that only half of her feeling is true, and there is nothing she can do about the way her daughter is feeling for a serial killer with mental issues. This is bad news for her, but she’s going to find that she cannot stop her daughter from feeling this way.

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