Who Should Play R. Kelly In the Eventual Biopic?

Who Should Play R. Kelly In the Eventual Biopic?

In a biopic you know that it’s kind of important that the actor playing the main role needs to at least look something like the character, but it’s a little hard playing mix and match with so many talented actors. Some are obviously not going to work while some might work but the talent has to be there to make the part stand out. In the case of an eventual biopic about R. Kelly, you know it’s going to happen eventually, it’d be interesting to see just who they would pick and why. There are plenty of talented black men in Hollywood that are around the same age and even some that might be a bit younger that could step into the role, but it would have to be someone that has the right amount of talent and can at least pull off the look that the famed and currently under fire singer is known for.

Here are just a few actors that might be able to pull it off.

5. Omar Epps

Does anyone remember back in the day when Omar was still a young buck and doing films like Higher Learning and Love & Basketball? He’s a father these days and is getting on in years but he’s still a great actor and would undoubtedly be able to pull his weight in such a movie. He’s done a lot of questionable projects over the years as some of the movies he’s done haven’t been all that great and some of the other roles he’s taken on have been enough to make people wonder what he’s doing. But his role in House was great enough that he saved a lot of his reputation and to this day he’s still regarded as a favorite actor by many.

4. Richard T. Jones

You might not know of Richard nearly as well as the other men on this list but he’s a very good actor that has been in movies and TV shows that are good but not great. But his own part has always been something pretty entertaining as his quick smile and charming nature manage to make him one of the most memorable parts of the cast. He’s definitely getting older just like the rest of the guys on this list but he’s still got enough talent and the look more importantly that could possibly help him land this role if he wanted it. That would likely be the clincher for anyone that was offered the role, if they wanted it.

3. Cuba Gooding Jr.

At one point and time Cuba Godding Jr. was on top of the world since he was one of the most in demand actors around. His time on Jerry Maguire was well-spent since he was one of the best characters in the movie. But then something seemed to shift and he went to making a bunch of straight to DVD movies, almost vanishing off the map it would seem since people rarely ever saw him. But his emergence in American Horror Story: Roanoke, was something special that a lot of people enjoyed. It’s hopeful that he’ll go back to being famous and one of the favorites again, but at this point it’s hard to know what he’s going to do.

2. Denzel Washington

Denzel might seem like he’s a bit too old to take on the mantle of R. Kelly but his acting ability is great enough that he could possibly still be a contender for the position since there aren’t a lot of people that can do what he can. This guy is an actor that stands beyond a lot of people and can deliver the kind of performance that makes you believe in his act no matter if he does that great of a job or not. Honestly, he’s just that good at what he does and can turn in the kind of performance that makes a lot of people believe in him even the movie tanks. One would hope that it didn’t but a lot of folks wouldn’t blame Denzel.

1. Wesley Snipes

Wesley has been in comeback mode for a while now and while he’s done a few things with his career as of the past several years he’s still looking for that moment to get back to what he used to be. If anyone remembers he was insanely popular back in the day and was the one guy that everyone wanted for their project. He did start making something of a comeback with Brooklyn’s Finest and The Expendables 3, but it’s been kind of slow-going since then considering that he’s still getting his legs under him again. A role like this might at least get him noticed again and get him off to the races once more before he gets too old to be considered as a great actor again.

It’d be interesting to see who got picked if it was anyone off this list.

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