Who Can Bill Murray Possibly Play In Ant-Man 3?

Who Can Bill Murray Possibly Play In Ant-Man 3?


Well, it looks like the rumors of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania are true. The one and only Bill Murray is actually joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I must admit, I never thought that would happen. I mean, I’ll admit, I also never thought we’d ever see all three live-action Spider-Men in the same movie either, but that’s apparently happening. Yeah, I know, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it might as well be. If the MCU has proven anything, it’s that anything can happen. That includes the ever picky Bill Murray joining the MCU, a franchise that he has previously revealed isn’t his thing. That’s okay, but anyone can change their minds. Hey, I’m not complaining, because there’s nothing wrong with adding more talent to a movie. I mean, this is a big name and he’s been around for a long time. While Bill Murray is sure to bring in the audience, I’m wondering what everyone else is. So let’s face it, this man is super picky about the roles he takes and when he does take a role, we just see that droopy-faced, dry-witted everyman who just doesn’t give a hoot about what he says. Bill Murray has a face that is so recognizable that you’ll be able to see it in The Jungle Book when he plays Baloo the bear. He didn’t even have to talk. You see the face and you know who’s behind that motion capture and CGI.

I think Ant-Man 3 has landed a mega star. Now I’m guessing his role in it isn’t too big, but just seeing Billy Murray in a Marvel movie is exciting enough. If he’s playing a role that’s just a cameo, it would seem like a waste, but his role could be slightly bigger than a cameo. How cool would it be if Bill Murray had a supporting role in Ant-Man 3? Or better yet, what if he turned out to be playing a villain? Now that is something very crazy to think about. Yes, it has already been confirmed that Kang the Conquerer will be the main antagonist for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The movie can still have more than one villain, with Billy Murray possibly playing a minor villain. Just think about the possibilities in this case, especially since the third Ant-Man will be exploring the Multiverse. It’s a big step and they’ve already begun this process with the Loki series. We’ve already seen a variant of Kang the Conquerer, but the real villainous version we comic fans are familiar with is already starting his conquest. We’ve seen the statue in the finale and we know Kang will possibly be the next Thanos-level threat the Avengers might have to face.

And since I mentioned the three Spider-Men uniting in Spider-Man: No Way Home, I should mention that Doctor Strange is opening the doors to the Multiverse. And on top of that, it looks like Wanda Maximoff scratched the surfaced by using her powers to bend reality. With Doctor Strange, Wanda, and Loki joining forces in the Multiverse of Madness, things are about to get really crazy in the MCU. If the Multiverse is going to spiral out of control, then that will set up the stage for Ant-Man 3. The point is, with Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne diving deeper into the Multiverse, I’m sure they’ll run into some crazy variants. One of those variants can be the secret Bill Murray character we’re all so curious about. I think we should all take a minute and think about the type of character he’ll be playing, because I have a feeling he’ll get a rather wacky one. The first character that comes to mind is a popular Ant-Man villain who seems like a joke character. In fact, he’s already debuted in the MCU, and you can catch a glimpse of him in Ant-Man and the Wasp. One of Ant-Man’s most recurring villains is Elihas Starr, aka Egghead. As the name implies, he’s an evil super genius with a head that is literally shaped like an egg. If you recognize the name, he was the father of the movie’s main antagonist, Ava Starr, aka Ghost. Now in the movie, he supposedly died, but we know that “dead” characters don’t always stay dead in comics.

Since Elihas Starr was building a portal to the Quantum Realm, is it possible he actually made it there? When we last saw him, he was younger, so seeing Bill Murray play an older Egghead would make sense. What makes even more sense is getting Bill Murray to play such a strange character. I mean, would anyone really be surprised by Billy Murray playing a character called Egghead? It’s only very well suited for him, given his history and humor. But you know what would suit him even more? I know one particular Ant-Man villain who is truly so weird and wacky, that he can only be used for the MCU. It’s a literal thing and not a human character. That sounds typical for comics, but it’s not what you think. The character I have in mind is the Scarlet Beetle. That’s not just a name in the metaphor sense. He’s called Scarlet Beetle because he’s literally a beetle. It’s not as lame as it sounds, because he’s the enemy of Ant-Man.

Only Bill Murray can make this character work in the MCU. This was once a regular beetle mutated by radiation and gained the ability to communicate with other insects. The Scarlet Beetle used this power to command his insects to join him in his quest to destroy the human race. This is what led him to his conflict with Ant-Man. You all know that sounds ridiculous, but so does the very concept of Ant-Man. If Marvel can make that work, then they can do the same with this character. And if they want to give it a little funny twist, let Bill Murray do the voice for him. If Billy Murray is voicing Scarlet Beetle, he doesn’t have to be a villain. He could be a supporting character to Ant-Man and they can even joke about their insect-controlling powers. That’s something only the MCU can pull off and I think it will be hilarious. Now Bill Murray could be voicing someone else entirely, but these characters come to mind. They suit him well, but the man can surprise us. Guess we all have to thank Peyton Reed for convincing him to join the crew.Peyton Reed

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