The Second Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Arrives and It’s Sick

Terminator Dark Fate

Not sick as in terminal but definitely sick as in this is about to be off the chain as Sarah Connor comes roaring back with a vengeance as she enters the fray once again to contend with three different terminator’s that are all different and all have their various strengths. The big question at the moment though is: where is John Connor? Chris Evangalista from Slash Film has provided an answer that’s not perfect since it’s more rumor than anything, but it would appear that John Connor, played once again by Edward Furlong, could be coming back. There hasn’t been a lot of buzz on this since the announcement of Furlong’s involvement, so it’s a wonder if this is being treated as a big tease or a secret that we’re not meant to know yet. But the bottom line seems to be that they’re not mentioning John for a reason, perhaps to build suspense or maybe just because he’ll be more of a surprise when it’s finally time for him to appear in the movie. One great thing about Dark Fate is that despite all the action we’re seeing they’re not giving away the story as much in the trailers, and that’s simply awesome.

But another good question is: how many time machines does Skynet have? Didn’t blowing it up in the past make it clear that humans are just that stubborn and can’t be subjugated so easily? The answer to this is elusive so far, but as Matt Patches from Polygon has announced it seems like we could be getting a new trilogy if Dark Fate does well enough in the theaters. I can just imagine that some of you are rolling your eyes and groaning at this point since we’ve been there, done that, and the last few Terminator flops weren’t even counted as a continuous trilogy or series for good reason. It would seem that every time a terminator or a Resistance fighter comes back in time they leave something, a piece of tech, an idea, or something that can be used to further the story. The overall narrative though is that even by stopping the catastrophe in their own timeline, no one from the Terminator movies has ever really changed the fate of the human race since Skynet seems to find a way all the same.

That’s kind of a sad commentary on humanity, that we’re the reason for our own downfall. No matter how true it could be it’s still a little depressing since the movies seem to give us a preview at times of just how bad things could get if our reality ever catches up with our imagination. But if you push past that feeling and simply focus on the movie itself you get a good idea that it should be something that returns to the norm that T2 was attempting to establish and will hopefully quit going off the rails as it did with T3 and every movie after that. There are arguably several scenes within the later movies that were amusing and even pretty cool, but overall the movies just kind of flopped and the curse of playing the part of John Connor just never seemed to go away. One curiosity is the animosity that Sarah has for the T-800 she discovers living in her timeline. Going into how he got there isn’t too hard since that could possibly be explained by another time jump that the Resistance executed in response to Skynet sending more and more terminators into the past to kill the Connor’s. Obviously Sarah has never held much regard for the terminators she’s met, but after having relied on one in T2 you have to wonder why she would be so aggressive towards another one.

Germain Lussier from Gizmodo is asking the same questions as a lot of people, as in who is the girl that the fate of humanity now rests with, where’s John, and of course, how did blowing up Skynet not work. But again, those messy terminators seem to have no regard when it comes to leaving pieces of themselves behind to be reverse-engineered by those that think they’re smart enough and moral enough to deal with it. As we’ve seen more than once this is never the case since the downfall of the human race seems to be our belief that we can reach further and further without any fear of consequences because hey, we’ve got that covered. As I shake my head and wonder just how far our imagination and the reality it inspires will take us I can only hope that the movies we see today won’t be the documentaries of the future, and yeah, I’m kidding a bit but at the same time movies like still send a chill up the spine when you think about how reckless people can be.

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