Which Fall Guys Skins Do We Want Now?

Fall Guys Skins

It’s been confirmed in the trailer for Fall Guys Season 4 that we will be getting Among Us themed skins in the massively-memey battle royale. While I never particularly expected to see Among Us come to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, I had always assumed Fall Guys would be getting some more collaboration skins in the future. With Among Us coming to Fall Guys sometime in Season 4, it begs the question of what other skins we could see come to the wacky battle royale in the future? What skins would make the most sense for the bean-based brawler? Keep reading to find out our picks for the top Fall Guys skins we want to see come to the game! Number 3 will shock you!

10. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest games of all time and I think that a Minecraft skin whether it’s a Creeper, a Zombie, a Skeleton, or even an Enderman, would be a perfect skin to be introduced into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

9. Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Super)

Okay, this one may be a little bit out there, but I saw an image somewhere on Google that showed Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Super as a Fall Guys skin and I think it fits the bean model perfectly. I love Dragon Ball, I love Fall Guys, what’s more to need? I think a Majin Buu Fall Guys skin would be super cool, albeit totally unrealistic.

8. Teletubbies

Okay this is more of a meme, but I saw some more fan art of Fall Guys skins that depicted a Fall Guy bean as a Teletubby and I hated how much I loved it. Think about it, a Fall Guy running around with a television screen on its stomach! It would be a great, though more than likely terrifying, nostalgia trip that kids and adults could “enjoy” alike. Do I actually think this is ever going to happen? Absolutely not. Do I want this to happen? Absolutely not – Teletubbies are terrifying. Would I be mad if it did happen? No, probably not.

7. Walkers (The Walking Dead)

If Fall Guys ever makes a Minecraft Zombie skin, I think this would probably be out of the question, but now that Epic Games has purchased Fall Guys developer, Mediatonic, and Fortnite has already collaborated with The Walking Dead, I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question to think that maybe sometime down the road a Walker might show up in the Fall Guys item shop.

6. Rick and Morty

I actually do think that this is something that could happen, especially with the next season of Rick and Morty set to air relatively soon, I think this would be a great promotion for both the game and the show and I could even see Fall Guys making its way into the animated series by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Maybe we could even get to see Roiland give a voice to a Fall Guy?

5. Adventure Time

Again, I saw some fan art of Finn as a Fall Guy skin and I had to put it on the list, because it just looked super fun and I love Adventure Time. Finn and Jake would be perfect Fall Guys skins, because Adventure Time honestly just suits the chaotic mayhem style of Fall Guys.

4. Gravity Falls

I recently binge watched all of Gravity Falls and I think that while entirely impractical, I want nothing more than to see Soos get his own skin in Fall Guys. I love Soos more than anything and his legacy must be carried on in Fall Guys.

3. Pikachu

I told you that number 3 would shock you…literally. We’ve already got a Sonic skin in Fall Guys, so realistically, how hard could it be to add a Pikachu skin? I realize that’s probably all up to Nintendo, but it would be so funny to see Pikachu get thrown into the mix…kind of like a weird Super Smash Bros.

2. Titans (Attack on Titan)

I’ve also been catching up with Attack on Titan in the last few days and let me tell you, I’ll be darned if the movement of Fall Guys doesn’t match up perfectly with how the Titans in Attack on Titan stumble around and run aimlessly throughout the world. I don’t think this is really an option, but I would buy an Attack on Titan skin in Fall Guys without hesitation.

1. Fortnite

With the recent acquisition of Fall Guys developer, Mediatonic, by Epic Games I think that it’s more realistic than ever for us to see a Fortnite skin in Fall Guys. It’s bound to happen at some point, it’s just a matter of when.

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