When is the Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date?

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Bonjour! If a quick jaunt to Paris sounds ideal, then perhaps learning the Emily in Paris season 3 release date is almost here will bring you joy. The hit show stole the hearts of many in its first season, and it continues to bring joy to the world with its quick wit and entertainment. The Emily in Paris season 3 release date is one the world is anxiously awaiting, and we have all you need to know right here. When is the Emily in Paris season 3 release date?

Why Does the World Love Emily in Paris so Much?

Everyone has their own reason for falling madly in love with Emily, who Lily Collins plays. She’s whimsical and filled with dreams. She was ready to tackle the world, and she was unafraid to go into a place in her life that required big changes. When offered the job in Paris for a year of her life, she was tasked with choosing between many things. Her home, the boyfriend she was in love with, her friends, her family, and everything she’s loved and become familiar with over the years. The opportunity to both live and work in Paris for one year meant giving up everything. It’s a decision many would have made differently, but Emily decided that the opportunity wasn’t to be missed. She left. She lost her boyfriend, but she gained so much more.

Emily in Paris is so beloved, too, because the show premiered at a time when so many people were living in an alternate reality. Need we say more about 2020? Seeing Emily’s Paris adventures is all we need in our lives for a little escape and a little fun. However, we know that Emily in Paris premiered in 2020 when the world needed something new to watch. When season 2 aired in 2021, just before Christmas, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch her do her thing. Now, she’s back for a third season.

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What Can We Expect in Season Three?

To risk spoiling anything, season two ended with a question. It ended with a choice. She had to make a decision. Does she stay in Paris, or does she go? She has options, but we have a feeling we know where her choice will lie in the new season. Since the show title gives up so much of the premise of the show – and the show must go on – we assume that her decision is to stay in Paris versus leaving. It does make sense. She’s got two potential great loves, a wonderful best friend, and a life in Paris she loves so much. It’s been a wild ride for her, but we assume that she will find the bravery to stick around.

Furthermore, we do understand that the handsome Alfie has a larger role in season three. Does this mean that she chooses him to be with rather than being torn by both Alfie and Gabriel? We don’t know what this means for her, but we do know that this love triangle is one we kind of have no desire to see end in the near future. She’s got a choice to make, and we aren’t sure we can help her choose. Either way, we’ll see more of both.

The Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date

You’ve been patiently waiting so long for this information, so you can wait a few more moments. The cast and crew of the show went back to work to film in June 2022. They don’t take summers off around here. They filmed through September 2022, so they only filmed for a few months. However, they are back and better than ever on December 21, 2022. You can stream the entire season on Netflix in one night if you can stay up that long.

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The even better news coming out of this one is that there is going to also be a fourth season. While the show returns for season three, it was renewed for both seasons three and four during that timeframe. This means that, if we can trust the past timing, the show will return for a fourth time in December of 2023, as well. Of course, anything can happen between now and then, but we suspect fans want to see this fourth season stay true to the current timeline the show runs on. So, that means summer 2023 filming and a Christmas release if all goes well.

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