Whatever Happened to Valeria Golino?

Valeria Golino is likely a name you don’t remember, but when putting a face to the name it’s bound to come to you since she’s been seen in a number of very influential movies throughout the years. If you watched the Hot Shots movies then you saw her, if you watched Rain Man then you saw her, and there are a bunch of other showings that you could have seen her since back in the 80s and 90s she was quite sex symbol in a lot of movies given that she is a rather attractive woman and was able to pull of the role of being both seductive and very opinionated in equal measures. To think that she never formally studied acting isn’t too hard since there has been kind of a rough edge to her throughout the years that’s noticeable if one takes the time and effort to see it. But overall she’s been someone that had her time in the spotlight and despite the fact that her career became less of a big deal to many people has pushed on. In a big way those that have continued to act even as their stars have begun to dim just a bit are even more impressive. Upon looking at Valeria’s resume it’s very easy to see that she’s been a busy woman throughout the last few decades of her life.

When she was still a young woman she was sidelined with scoliosis and had to have a steel rod placed in her back for a time. She did learn English while under the care of a surgeon in Chicago however, so it wasn’t a complete loss of her time as she got something out of it, strange as it might be to say such a thing. But Valeria has had a couple of disadvantages, including the scoliosis, with the other being that she didn’t finish high school as she was something of an unfocused individual that couldn’t set her mind on her studies. The argument that many people make for staying in school is that it’s what will help you succeed and survive in life, but many actors have put the lie to that vague statement. If anything, staying in school is a regret that many people still have even if they’re making millions, as it grants a person something to fall back on should their career ever go south and offer them nothing more than a silent phone and no future other than attempting to survive on what little they can get. Valeria actually wanted to be a cardiologist at one point, but as anyone could probably tell you this takes a massive amount of focus, especially in just getting through the schooling that’s required, not to mention the specialized training to come. It’s likely better that she was introduced to acting since this is where she’s managed to shine throughout her life.

Her list of awards is also quite impressive if one takes the time to look. She hasn’t been up for the Academy’s in her life but she’s still won enough awards to warrant an entire wall filled with shelving (if she displays them) given that her number of wins is very impressive. Many of her awards have been earned outside the US however, as she has in recent years been seen to act primarily in Italian movies, though she does continue to be a part of the US’s industry as well. Some people get a taste of Hollywood and stick around, while others tend to bounce back and forth depending on their experience and whether they felt it was rewarding enough. Seeing Valeria in the states isn’t entirely rare but it’s definitely been less and less throughout the years it would appear since she’s been a big name on the independent film circuit quite often. It certainly hasn’t hurt her finances since her net worth is truly impressive and makes it obvious that she could take some time off and be just fine for a while. The fact that she is still acting makes the case for the fact that she likely loves what she’s doing and is completely invested in it. That’s always nice to see really since there are those actors that tend to phone in their roles at times and will therefore make people wonder just whether or not they’re really there to entertain or if they’re counting the minutes until they cash the next check. Valeria hasn’t been one of those as far as anyone can see throughout her career, and it’s been fun to see since when an actor really gets into what they’re doing it’s pretty obvious and it’s also a nice effect since it makes everything appear a little more vibrant. There’s the word I was looking for to describe her, ‘vibrant’. It’s a good and very descriptive word for this woman.

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