Whatever Happened to Tiffany Shepis?

Hardworking and determined are definitely two words that can be used to describe Tiffany Shepis even if some people still don’t know who she is. Taking a look at this woman’s resume is enough to make it clear that she doesn’t like to be idle that often, or at the very least knows how to get out and make the most of her career. Ever since she started up in 1996 it’s obvious that she’s been intent on getting her name and face out there as much as possible since she’s the type that’s been completing more than one or two movies a year for some time now. At the age of 41, she’s still doing her thing and actually has a few projects that don’t have a set release date yet, meaning that she’s continuing to do what she loves in order to make a paycheck and continue to cash in on the fact that she’s been seen as good enough to star in several movies that aren’t considered blockbusters but are still worth a look every now and then. Her career has been made on B and Indie movies that haven’t really been given a lot of attention but have still managed to keep her busy as she moves from one to the next. She did have a part in the second Sharknado, but apart from this, it’s easy to say that she hasn’t done a lot of work that could be called noteworthy save to those that follow the Indie scene.

Those that don’t show up on the blockbuster scene often tend to get a little less respect, but the work ethic of those such as Tiffany is amazing since trying to imagine doing more than one or two movies a year is easy for some folks since the mentality of doing one job after another is pretty standard, but it’s not something we see with a lot of actors. One has to imagine that slipping into one role after another can be a little tiresome and can wear on a person both physically and mentally since there are bound to be a few roles that people will get used to and want to keep around, and there might be others that they’re more than ready to get away from. But the sheer volume of movies that actors such as Tiffany manage to accumulate is impressive since it shows that she either had the ability to take on one persona after another or has a few set personas that are adaptable enough to allow her to move from one movie to another without changing too much about each character. That makes sense when a person thinks about it since there are plenty of actors that have one speed, one type of character, and somehow people continue to accept this without question.

People are going to pay for what they want obviously, but it’s usually a lot easier to accept that an actor is a hardworking individual that can put on several different masks and convince people to follow their character than perform a ‘one size fits all’ kind of persona that people simply have to deal with. But hey, folks are going to idolize who they want for the reasons they want, so it’s hard to say anything against it. But for someone that’s done this much in her career to this point, one might think Tiffany might want to break into the mainstream and really see how she stacks up with other actors that have been making bank and have done far less work. Or, it could be that she enjoys where she’s at since there might be less pressure to come up with a seriously great blockbuster and she can have a little more fun with it instead of becoming a neurotic mess thanks to the fans and the paparazzi. The fact that she loves playing in horror movies only makes her more appealing, but perhaps also works against her since horror is rarely ever seen as high art, roll your eyes if you, I did. But the fact is that if she enjoys what she’s doing then more power to her since that’s the joy of having a job that you love, it becomes less work and more play, even though there are days when you’d rather not roll out of bed for one reason or another. Loving your job is a perk that not everyone gets though, and it’s something that, if you’re lucky enough, can make your days appear to fly by, and more and more success to come your way since the idea of being able to love what you do AND get paid for it is even better. Take it from me, or Tiffany, it’s better to do what you love, and being able to smile while you earn that paycheck is hard to beat.

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