Whatever Happened to Rue From Hunger Games?

Whatever Happened to Rue From Hunger Games?

Whatever Happened to Rue From Hunger Games?

It’s usually rather interesting to see where actors have ended up after performing various roles since some of them manage to keep moving forward with their careers while others kind of fade out and don’t really go anywhere. Amandla Stenberg, who played the ill-fated Rue in The Hunger Games, has been doing just fine since the movie and has moved on in a very successful manner. If anyone remembers, and it’s likely that a lot of people do, Rue was kind of a sad case in the story since she was a nimble 12-year old that was chosen for the games but wasn’t given much of a chance by a lot of people thanks to her size and the fact that everyone knew that anyone that appeared weak would be targeted in a heartbeat. But Rue proved to be rather resourceful since she managed to snag a pack when running from the Cornucopia and survived in the woods by remaining high enough to be out of reach. She formed an alliance with Katniss because of the pin she wore initially, but the two became close in the short time they had together. Despite her ability to be a great help and to stay out of reach most of the time, Rue was still slain during the games since the Career tributes were a little more crafty and managed to outthink her finally. After she passed, Rue’s district held a revolt in response to her being called to the games.

Since the movie, Amandla has been keeping busy with other movies that may or may not have been heard of by those that enjoyed her in The Hunger Games, though she did star in The Hate U Give, which was seen as a very powerful story that has a great deal to do with the current events that have been going on in society over the last several years. Apart from this Amandla has been keeping moderately busy, but her schedule appears to be something that’s a little easier to handle than that of others since she hasn’t appeared in quite as many projects over the last few years as others have. There are those in the industry that know when to call it good and simply step away for a little bit after a project is over, and then there are those that burn out quickly because they feel the need to keep pushing and pushing until they can’t give anymore and they suffer burnout. So far it would appear that Amandla has kept a decent pace for herself since she’s been doing great over the course of her career and is keeping a solid reputation as she continues forward. She’s come a long way since her role as Rue and it’s fair to say that there are bigger and better things on the horizon for the 22-year old as she’s still in demand and isn’t in any danger of just fading away.

In fact, she’s one of the many that are among the next generation of stars that are busily accepting roles and taking their places among the industry as the big names that will stand out for their own generation and continue to push the industry further in new and exciting ways that will build upon the old practices, much as every generation before them has done. This is something that’s become pretty standard for every incoming generation, though each new group will have their own say and their own way of doing things, especially given that as the industry changes, so does the general attitude towards it. But until things come crashing down, which hopefully they won’t, those changes will usually be the type that will eventually build something new rather than tear everything down. Amandla has been one of the hardworking individuals that has done what she can to create change in the business while following the model that’s been left behind for every young actor coming up through the ranks, and it’s easy to think that she and many others are going to do what they can to keep things the way they are while trying to change them for the better. Of course, that’s kind of a subjective statement and depends heavily on one’s perspective, but it’s also something that is wise to keep in mind since what one generation thought worked for the industry might be subject to change since the coming generations won’t see things the same way and will want to change them.

Where her career is going to go from here is anyone’s guess but it does feel that she’s on the perfect track to become someone that we’ll be talking about more in the days to come in a very positive manner since she is a worthwhile actress and does have a bright future.

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