Whatever Happened to Pauley Perrette After NCIS?

Whatever Happened to Pauley Perrette After NCIS?

Whatever Happened to Pauley Perrette After NCIS?

For those that haven’t read up on why Pauley Perrette exited NCIS in the first place, Natasha Lavender of Looper can give you that, but it’s also easy to find out that Perrette didn’t last long in retirement since she’s back on TV in her own show titled Broke, and she’s been busy post-NCIS as well. A lot of folks were upset to see Abbey leave NCIS since she was for all intents and purposes a big part of the team and someone that could have been called the heart of the team. But unfortunately problems with Mark Harmon, one of the main stars of the show, caused a rift that was never fully settled. In truth several of the cast members that left before Abbey had their own issues that prevented them from staying, a lot of them being that they were just ready to move on. Considering how long the show has been running it’s still hard to believe that Mark Harmon hasn’t gotten tired of the role yet since he’s one of the originals. But Pauley went on her way and continued to donate to various charities and enjoy her time off for a little while at least, but the acting bug wasn’t done with her obviously since she came back with at least one stipulation, that she not play a mom in this next appearance. Obviously that didn’t take any better than her retirement since the show Broke is about a single mother whose sister and brother-in-law move in with her and her son after they lose their fortune. On the bright side this show allows Pauley to flex her comedic muscles a lot more since there’s less science and more drama to be had given that it’s a completely different experience.

Plenty of people absolutely loved Abby Sciuto on NCIS since she was quirky, upbeat, and she always had some interesting look to roll out as she interacted with her team members. Plus the dynamic between her and Gibbs, and the strange but tempting relationship between her and McGee, were rolling plot points that were fun to watch since her character was so fiercely loyal to Gibbs and appeared to enjoy tormenting McGee in a very friendly if kind of impish way. It is a bit disconcerting though to realize that the cast members weren’t as tight as they appeared to be on the show, but if anyone’s thinking that this is a new development then they don’t know much about entertainment. Cast members not liking each other is kind of normal as on screen they’re bound to appear as good friends and even closer in some cases, but once the cameras are off a lot of actors tend to go their own way and don’t even speak to each other for the rest of the day. The fact that Pauley could perform with someone she was actually scared of isn’t just a testament to her acting ability, it’s also kind of disturbing that such a thing would keep happening with the knowledge that there was such an issue behind the scenes.

Pauley has been delving back into her musical roots as well since before she became an actress she was also prevalent on the music scene and was known to drop a few songs here and there. While she might not have made anything that big it’s still impressive enough to think that she is actually quite a bit like the person she plays on the screen; kind, talented, funny in a very pleasant way, and just an all-around decent person that might have a few oddball quirks that are easy enough to enjoy. To see her on another show is, for some folks, kind of difficult since the specter of Abbey is likely to hang with her for a while, but as time goes on it’s likely that her fans will begin to see her in a new light, since she’s stated that she’ll never be going back to NCIS. Cote de Pablo, aka Ziva, said the same thing according to Sarah Jane of Looper, but she did eventually come back for a couple of seasons since apparently someone wrote in a part for Ziva that she felt was worthy enough of the character. Where she got the idea that Ziva wasn’t being given enough respect is kind of hard to imagine since Ziva was by far one of the most valued team members on the show. The guys even went and put themselves in harms way to rescue her in one episode, surely that means they respect her, or at least care a great deal about her. Anyway, Pauley has managed to state that she’s not going back, and since her reason is completely different and has to do with another cast member it might actually hold some water.

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