Whatever Happened to Mitchel Musso?

Mitchel Musso is still very active in Hollywood so wondering what’s happened to him isn’t alluding to anything other than what he’s up to and what he’s been doing with his career. So far in his life Mitchel has racked up a good amount of credits on his resume and has been one of the favorite stars that Disney has produced in a while. It would be great to say that he’s one of those that never gopt in trouble but it would be a lie, even though the trouble he got into wasn’t really that awful. If you put what he did up against a lot of the kids that Disney has produced throughout the years he’s still pretty much the innocent kid he’s been seen as for quite some time. But like the rest of them he’s had to grow up a bit and admit that he has to take responsibility for his actions and start being an adult.

At least he can admit it. Here’s a few other things you might not know about him.

10. He was in a band with Miley Cyrus’ half-brother.

This could have had something to do with his being on Hannah Montana or it could have been something that just happened. The internet is a little fuzzy with the details on stuff like this but there’s sure to be something or someone out there that could shed some more light on it.

9. He’s got an impressive following on social media.

This seems to come with the territory these days with a lot of stars when it comes to social media. Some people shun it and don’t want to know about their presence on social media while others take to with a great amount of zeal.

8. His career started in 2002.

Despite being so young still he’s still well-versed in the way things go and has it on lock when it comes to his career and how he composes himself when it’s time to stand in front of the camera and do his thing.

7. He was in Secondhand Lions.

His role wasn’t huge in this movie but he did get to star in it with his brother Marc. He’d done a few things before this but this movie was supposedly where he got his real start. He and his brother played two spoiled little kids that loved to destroy things. Unfortunately when they came upon the lion that the two elderly uncles had bought they lost all interest in getting up to their usual hijinks.

6. He was in Hannah Montana.

Mitchel was definitely one of the favorites in this show and if you were young enough to get into it then you probably saw him quite a few times since he was a regular. This show was extremely popular at one point, but when everyone started growing up it was time to call it quits.

5. He did a remake of the song Lean On Me.

The song was for a kids’ film and in truth it did incorporate the original song but it kind of gave it a feel and a sound that it doesn’t seem fit the lyrics all that well. Opinions differ of course and there’s nothing to say that others wouldn’t like it the way it is now.

4. He had a role in Monster House.

This is actually kind of a touching story for how it’s billed. The house itself is under the sway of a spirit that died within its walls, the wife of the man that is considered to be one of the meanest neighbors on the entire street. When it’s discovered that her spirit has made the house into a monster three kids do their best to destroy it so as to release her spirit.

3. He had a role in Phineas and Ferb.

This is kind of an odd cartoon to be sure but it has managed to accumulate a very large fan base and has been on the air long enough, with re-runs, to be counted as one of those that people tend to pay attention to.

2. He was pulled over for a DUI.

This proves that no one is perfect, not even Disney stars, but at the very least Mitchel did manage to admit that he was at fault and took responsibility for his actions, which is a lot more than other celebrities have done over the years. You can at least give him credit for wanting to do the right thing.

1. The incident cost him a role on a show.

Sometimes even doing the right thing doesn’t work out as well since he lost not just one but two roles after the DUI. He did do the right thing but some shows and networks tend to distance themselves when there’s trouble with one of their people.

So in terms of his career he’s still around, and still doing fairly well.

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