Whatever Happened to Larry B. Scott AKA Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds?

You remember Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds yeah? The effeminate, gay fraternity brother that was always down for his brothers and never backed away from them in their time of need? Well you might be surprised to know that Larry B. Scott, the man that made this character come to life, is not and has never been gay, despite what people thought about him after playing the character. It’s true, Lamar was just another role, and one that he performed so convincingly that it led people from the LGBTQ+ community, or gay community back in the day, to think of him as someone that was highly inspirational, while black folks tended to think that he was selling out at times. In truth he had nothing but respect for anyone and everyone that enjoyed the movie, and didn’t see this role as anything more than another challenge, a chance to do what he cared about and get in front of the screen.

Since that time Larry has continued to act and at this time and as of now runs the acting studio W.I.T., which stands for Whatever It Takes. To think that he’s come so far throughout the years isn’t hard to understand, but to think that he’s such a good actor and hasn’t nabbed any other influential roles is kind of difficult to think about. The idea that he couldn’t find any other acting roles or wasn’t given anything other than bit parts and spots in movies that were barely noticed is kind of hard to stomach since he’s one of those actors that a lot of us remember from our younger years as being someone that helped to shape our cinematic experience. But it would seem that he’s pretty happy with what he’s been doing as he’s been helping out young and future actors as they’ve made their way forward, even going so far as to have something to do with Empire, the popular drama starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. It would seem that he’s content and has been doing his best to make sure that other actors have their time in the sun just as he did at one time.

It’s fair to say that Lamar was the biggest and best role he’s had in his career since obviously it’s the one that a lot of us remember the most. There was something inspiring as well as charming about Lamar during The Revenge of the Nerds, from the first film to the last, and honestly he was probably one of the most entertaining members in the bunch thanks to his flamboyant personality. If memory serves he was even instrumental in helping the Lambda’s secure a victory over the Alpha’s. So he had some help with his javelin, which wobbled more than a politician considering serving the people or their self-interests, but the fact that it helped the group to win was insanely entertaining, and the inclusion of Lamar into the fraternity was perfect since it not only made the group a little more diverse, it also helped round out the bunch in a big way.

If you remember he was in The Karate Kid for a brief moment as well, and was actually a part of the Cobra Kai. He was the first opponent that Daniel faced and took out on his way to the finals, meaning he was kind of there and gone for a few brief moments during the movie. But the point is that he was there, and his legacy has been cemented because of this and other roles, such as the one he had in Space Camp as well. Larry isn’t exactly the most famous individual in history but he’s definitely one of those that has endured since the 80s as part of our collective memory that won’t go away and will always be there as a part of something that we’re fond of remembering.

As of now Larry is worth about $500 thousand, not an overwhelming amount for show business, but enough that he’s obviously comfortable and having a good time with his life, as he’s been on social media a time or two stating just how things are going with his career. He’s been happy, that’s the main point, and he’s been the guy that he’s always been, no matter how many people knew that he was in fact the opposite of Lamar or not. It was kind of a shock for some people to find out no doubt since he played the part so well, but Larry has been a straight man his entire life and remains so to this day. The fact that he nailed the role so well though does seem to indicate that he’s one of the greater actors that’s still around from the 80s, and it’d be great to see him in something else down the line.

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