Whatever Happened to Lacey Hodder from My 600lb Life?

Whatever Happened to Lacey Hodder from My 600lb Life?

In the nine years since it’s been on the ear, My 600-Lb. Life has documented dozens of stories of people who are determined to lose weight. For many of the people featured on the show, their unhealthy relationship with food began at an early age. Over the years, their eating habits have gotten so bad that if they don’t make changes soon, death is inevitable. That was the harsh reality for Lacey Hodder when she appeared on an episode of the show during season seven. At the time, she weighed nearly 700 pounds and she knew she needed to make some serious changes. Throughout the episode, viewers watched her struggle to stick to Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program.

Since each episode of My 600-Lb. Life while the person is still on their weight loss journey, viewers don’t always get to see how much progress is made. Since being on the show, lots of people have wondered if Lacey has been able to turn her life around. Keep reading to find out what happened to Lacey Hodder from My 600-Lb. Life.

Lacey’s Journey

As mentioned earlier, Lacey was in a life-threatening spot at the beginning of her episode of My 600-Lb Life. At only 28 years old, Lacey’s weight had gotten to the point that even simple daily tasks had essentially become impossible. Unfortunately, this way of life wasn’t anything new for Lacey. Her struggles with food began at a very early age. When her parents got divorced, Lacey used food as a way to cope. The fact that her family was in the restaurant business only made the problem worse because Lacey always had easy access to good food. Over the years, Lacey’s dependence on food eventually became a full-blown addiction.

As an adult, Lacey had gotten so heavy that she was in physical pain most of the time. Even though she knew it was time for a change, she also felt that she wouldn’t be able to cope with the challenges of life without being able to rely on food. Still, Lacey decided to move forward and meet with Dr. Nowzaradan.

Lacey’s Weight Loss

Whatever Happened to Lacey Hodder from My 600lb Life?

Losing weight proved to be much more difficult than Lacey imagined. Although she stumbled a little bit, she was eventually able to undergo weight loss surgery and find balance in her diet. After being on the show, Lacey lost nearly 270 pounds. Not only has her physical health greatly improved, but Lacey has also been in a much better headspace. Lacey’s quality of life has improved greatly and she’s able to do things that once seemed impossible because of her previous size. She is enjoying every moment that life has to offer and she’s excited about what the future holds for her. She is continuing to take good care of herself by staying active and following a healthy diet. According to her Instagram bio, she has been given veganism a try.

On top of her own progress, Lacey is hoping that her story will inspire others. She started a support group for other people who are struggling or have struggled with their weight. According to In Touch Weekly, Lacey said, “We want to create a safe place where people from all over can come to together and help each other on their journeys to a healthier life. I get sooo many messages asking for advice and help. I have such a hard time keeping up with them so I figured maybe if we’re together everyone can help everyone! So, if you are interested, please join my discord server.”

Lacey’s weight isn’t the only thing about her appearance that has changed. She’s also been experimenting with new hair colors and her confidence has gone through the roof.

Lacey’s Love Life

During her time on My 600-Lb. Life, Lacy appeared to be single. However, that may not be the case anymore. In June of 2021, Lacey shared a photo on Instagram that showed her sitting next to a man who appears to be her boyfriend. She didn’t share any information about him, but she appears to be very happy and her followers are just as happy for her. Having someone by her side who loves and supports her is a dream come true for Lacey.

Lacey’s journey may not have been easy, but she would probably agree that it was worth every second. Taking control of her health has given Lacey a new lease on life and she’s thankful to all of the people who helped her get where she is today.

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