Whatever Happened to Keith Tisdell?

At one point Keith Tisdell was a star basketball player in high school and had dreams of becoming a child psychologist. That changed pretty quickly however as during his senior year he was approached by someone that asked him to move to New York City to rake up a modeling career. Tisdell did go on to obtain his psychology degree and even had a short period in which he was a professional basketball player. He eventually accepted the modeling offer and started working at the Tupu Kweli Theatre Company in Harlem. It was there that he developed his liking and his talent for acting that finally got him started and on his way. He’s been in a host of different commercials, plays, TV shows, and even independent films. One of those shows that managed to get him noticed for more than one reason was Criminal Minds.

Off the set he developed a personal friendship with actor Shemar Moore, who was a regular on the series for eleven seasons. The two decided to start a charitable organization titled Baby Girl LLC, a retail outlet store which was dedicated to helping those with multiple sclerosis by making charitable donations. This was a rather important undertaking for Shemar since his mother was diagnosed with MS and he had a very personal stake in it. Moore invested a great deal of money into the organization and into Tisdell, buying him such things as rims for his car and paying for various expenses. The downside of this was that the money that was supposed to be going to the store, with a portion going to the organization, never made it here as it was later on found that Tisdell had been lining his pockets with tens of thousands of dollars that were meant to go to the company. Moore found out about this in 2016 and obviously wasn’t happy. He went on to file a lawsuit against Tisdell, eventually forcing him to pay up to the tune of over $60 thousand dollars. Tisdell also ended up being charged for grand theft and earned a great deal of enmity from Moore.

It seems that after this fiasco no one has really seen or heard from Tisdell since, which isn’t too hard to imagine. The kind of person that would put together such an organization and then start taking money from it doesn’t really deserve a whole lot of sympathy, if any. Some might want to argue that he’s been paying it back in kind with a run of bad karma and should be given a break, but stealing from a charitable organization that’s meant to help others is one of those sins that people know better than to commit on average. Those that do it either have no regard for anyone else or simply get greedy. It’s kind of saddening to think that Tisdell basically threw away a career, a friendship, and any trust that people might put in him after this mess for a pocket full of cash and a life that was spent in the lap of luxury however briefly. What’s become of him isn’t really known at this time other than he may or may not have paid Moore back by now. Moore wasn’t even interested in the money he was heard to say, he just wanted Tisdell to pay for his actions and to realize what a huge mistake he’d made.

Right now it’s like Tisdell has dropped off the map, which is probably for the best. A promising career being wiped away by theft is something that a lot of stars could probably have told Tisdell is not worth the trouble. He’s not the first person to get into trouble and actually be sentenced for his crimes, but it seems too often that fame and notoriety are enough to get a person off the hook. It doesn’t seem as though it happened this time, as reparations had to be made and Tisdell would likely be in financial ruin for a long time after the incident. Anyone even looking to hire him at this point would likely think twice since the amount of heat that would come with bringing him on would be incredible, not to mention damaging to any network or studio. Folks that do the kind of things that Tisdell has been sentenced for don’t often get looked at with anything other than suspicion for a long, long time.

He wasn’t the biggest star in the world but he did have potential, and for the most part that’s been squandered in an attempt to get rich or at least have a good amount of spending money on him all to just have fun and be carefree. Actors might make a lot of money from their craft but at least a good number of them are still honest about it. Too bad Tisdell didn’t get that lesson.

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