Whatever Happened to Joan Van Ark?

Whatever Happened to Joan Van Ark?

An obsession with beauty is how Rachel M. Timmons would put it when asking what happened to Joan Van Ark since it’s hard not comment upon the appearance of the former Knots Landing actresses who was at one point one of the biggest knockouts on the show and a very successful actress. The downfall of beauty however is that with time and age it fades and while some people age gracefully and take it in stride no matter how it happens, others don’t want to accept that jowls might hang a bit, skin might sag, and certain body parts might droop. It’s natural, it happens, and yet some folks don’t want it to so they go to those that can and will, for the right price, help them out when it comes to looking their best for their adoring public. The only problem that this isn’t a fix-all as it’s been seen throughout the years. Some folks can get a little work done here and there and look just fine, but as it’s been seen with others they somehow get addicted to the procedures and continue going back and back, almost the same as those that have a serious addiction to tattoos, always seeking to touch something up even if the surgeons begin to wonder just when they’re going to realize that an impermanent fix is finally going to reveal itself as something that’s born more out of vanity than necessity. As you can see in the picture above and many have already noticed throughout her current career, Joan has played herself out in a big way when it comes to plastic surgery, and the result is a bit horrific in ways.

Ever taken a wad of play dough and worked it around with your hands? Sculpting it the first time might be all well and good, the lines might come together nicely and look absolutely perfect, or as perfect as it can be, but the more that something is worked with, the less its elasticity will remain intact. This is where the play dough analogy kind of falls short, but if one realizes just the inherent limit of human skin when it comes to the overall elasticity it possesses then they’ll be able to understand that plastic surgery can only work so often before the skin loses its tightness and the procedure becomes less effective. The result is that while the procedure can still be effective, it won’t last as long, and as a result one will need to keep going back, or just accept that the aging process has taken over and that there’s nothing else to be done for it. Tammy Worth of WebMD can give you more on this subject if you’re interested.

Joan Van Ark, or Joan of Ark as her name translates out to, has had a long and very successful career, which is why the obsession with her beauty is kind of tragic in a way given that she’s done so much that the one thing she’s failed to do is age gracefully as so many other stars her age have. It hasn’t stopped her from working obviously, as the 76-year old is still worth a cool $10 million that’s nothing short of impressive. She’s done enough in the business to have earned a great deal of respect, but in an industry where looks do unfortunately define a lot of people before they get their chance to speak, she’s done a great amount of damage to a face that was at one time an absolute stunner, but now looks as though it’s ready to fall apart. It’s not an attempt to shame or to knock Joan in any way, instead speaking about her current looks are a way to remind people that there is such a thing as too much plastic surgery since looks in the industry are important to many, but there is a time when one has to accept what they look like, the fact that they will age eventually, and that no matter what, people are going to remember them fondly from their past performances and still enjoy their favorite stars no matter how much time takes from them. The fact that this isn’t quite good enough for those that have the money and the means is a bit sad sometimes since it would indicate that despite all they’ve achieved they’re still not happy with something in their life, and feel the need to change it. In Joan’s case unfortunately it was one of the very things that people have remembered her for throughout the years, and in a big way she’s nearly destroyed every last vestige of it.

Indications are that she’s still living her life the way she wants and doing just fine at this time, which is inspiring enough as she’s still in the business and still doing it her way.

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