Whatever Happened to Claire Yarlett?

There are so many names in Hollywood that learning and remembering them all is something that only some of the greatest and most tightly-packed minds in the world could possibly accomplish. Even then a person would have to have the retrieval skills of a super computer to remember everyone, and Claire Yarlett is one of those that might pop up in a handful of articles that say the same thing over and over, but at the very least will give some information about her. The 55-year old actress hasn’t been said to have retired but at this time it would appear that her latest project was released in 2009 and nothing else has come since. Whether she’s laying low and trying to think about what to do or taking another role in show business is hard to say since there’s really not much about her online. Trying to find someone that has few if any real updates on their person in a number of years is a tad bit difficult since to be fair trying to determine just what a person is up to is nearly impossible without technology, much as it used to be without it. While Claire did establish herself in the business and stuck around for a while, like I mentioned she might still be there for all we know, it’s a little obvious that her career didn’t go as far as she might have wanted it to.

There was a time in the late 80s when she might have almost had a serious brush with fame since there was a plan to reboot Charlie’s Angels, and she had a part coming up on the show. Things fell through unfortunately and nothing ever came of it, though she continued to act for a while after and is still seen to have kept on with what she enjoyed doing. It’s kind of hard to think of the frustration that must come when thinking that you might have a hit show on your hands and a part that you’re already looking forward to playing, only to see it cast aside once someone determines that it’s not a good idea. That’s the life that actors choose however and many if not all of them come to grips with it sooner rather than later since the idea of becoming known and staying that way is something that requires a good deal of patience, determination, and of course the will to keep moving forward. Claire has obviously had that will for a while and has put it to good use since she does have enough credits to her resume to show that she hasn’t given up and is still, supposedly, on the straight and narrow when it comes to obtaining roles and doing her thing.

It’s kind of interesting really to find so many talented individuals among the numerous names and personalities that fill up the ranks in Hollywood, and it’s also enough to wonder why some of them aren’t being given a bigger role in the business when some of those that are lauded in awarded in such a way are kind of tiresome and have been given chance after chance to get better but never seem to. One has to wonder why those with the experience and possibly the talent haven’t been allowed to step up and really show what they can do, but the politics of Hollywood is just confusing enough that even trying to figure it out is something that’s less than appealing to anyone that doesn’t want to get into it. At this point it’s enough to think that those looking at Claire’s performances weren’t impressed enough to give her anything other than what she’s been doing before moving on to the next prospective actor in training. It’s kind of a cynical and dismissive way to think really, but it’s one that’s very pervasive when thinking of how things tend to go in the industry and how quickly one actor is moved aside for another when it’s discovered that they’re not the type of individual that those in charge want to advance. There are plenty of individuals that stay the course and don’t let the politics of the business get to them, but there are still others that have come and gone in the history of Hollywood and decided that it was best to bow out while they still had enough time in their lives to do something different.

Claire at least has a decent net worth to keep her comfortable and for all intents and purposes is still around, but whether that’s a fact or something of a rumor is hard to say. She’s put her own stamp on the business, but it’s one that people will have to look for in order to find, since her career hasn’t stood out for quite a while.

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