Whatever Happened to Adrian Zmed?

Whatever Happened to Adrian Zmed?

Adrian Zmed is one of the many actors from decades past that’s still in the business today but is someone you might not fully recognize until you see his older material and get a few laughs out of it. One of his funniest movies to date was Bachelor Party, which starred Tom Hanks as the lead and featured Adrian as the best friend/troublemaker/party animal. Throughout much of his career he’s been one of the most charismatic faces on screen whenever he’s been involved and it’s not hard to see why people wanted him for an episode here or there or a recurring role, or for movies since he’s always had a very charming smile and manner about him that many people happen to like. His career actually started back in the late 70s so you can imagine that he’s seen quite a bit and possible done a few things in his time, but even in the last few decades it’s hard to say that Adrian has been a top star since really he’s been more of a supporting member of many casts and his real starring roles have come on stage as he’s played the part of Danny Zuko a few different times while performing for Grease.

On top of everything he does work cruise lines as he’s also a singer on top of being an actor and does have a very nice voice. He’s also a big fan of William Shatner as he credits a lot of what he’s done to the inspiration that was given to him by watching Shatner perform throughout the years. It kind of makes a person wonder just how many people Shatner has managed to inspire over the years and how many have gone on to act or do something else that they’ve dreamed about. Adrian might not have become a seriously big megastar but it’s easy to think that he’s been around long enough to have instructed several younger actors on just what it takes to survive in the business and possibly thrive. The great thing is that it doesn’t take a legendary actor to grant tips and suggestions on how to make it in the business since at a certain level everyone’s likely been through the same thing more or less when it comes to acting. Adrian has been around so long that it’s only natural to think that he’s picked up a great number of tricks and could teach many of the young up and comers a thing or two about what to expect and what might be coming next for them.

In terms of how successful he’s been his net worth makes it kind of obvious that he’s been able to live a rather comfortable life since there’s no mention of any huge controversies with his name on them and it doesn’t appear that he’s been the subject of anything in Hollywood that might have tarnished his reputation throughout the years. Some might be snide and say ‘what reputation?’ but Adrian has been the kind of guy that will be around when people needs him unless there’s a scheduling conflict as it’s been seen throughout his career. It’s true that he’s not the most well-known celebrity around but for those of us that grew up in the 70s and later and enjoy a good comedy he’s been able to provide us with a lot of laughs and a good amount of acting that’s been his calling card for a long time now. It doesn’t matter so much that he’s not as big as some of his former co-stars, it’s the realization that he’s been hanging in for so long that he’s now one of the certified old-timers and veterans of the big and small screens that has earned a great deal of respect if not renown. I’ve said more than once that the people we don’t think much about but can at least remember as supporting actors are those that make up the supports of the business and I stand firmly by those words today since the megastars that get noticed and get the huge paychecks are by far and large the face of Hollywood, but the actors that back them up and surround them with supporting roles are often needed if only to make the stars look better.

His bio doesn’t give much to go on aside from the fact that he was an active kid and was into sports until he broke his leg, an injury that sounds as though it could have been serious since there were complications that went along with the break. But after turning away from sports it definitely feels that he found his real calling as singing and acting took over his life and became what he’s been known for throughout the last few decades.

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