Whatever Happened to Emmanuelle Vaugier?

Whatever Happened to Emmanuelle Vaugier?

Whatever Happened to Emmanuelle Vaugier?

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a Canadian actress who has been showing up in a wide range of TV shows for more than 20 years. For proof, look no further than the fact that her second role was an upstart model named Rosalie Frank on Highlander, which is so old by this point in time that Hollywood is looking to reboot the series. However, it is interesting to note that Vaugier has appeared in a number of movies as well, including a fair number whose names should be familiar to a significant percentage of movie-goers out there.

With that said, most people should be most familiar with Vaugier because of a small number of stand-out roles. For example, CSI fans might have seen her as Detective Jessica Angell on CSI: NY. Likewise, Two and a Half Men fans might recognize her as Mia, who was one of Charlie Harper’s love interests. Finally, those horror movie fans who remember the Saw franchise in reasonable detail might recall her because she played Addison Corday in both Saw II and IV, which were neither the first nor the last time that she has had a role in horror movies.

What Is Emmanuelle Vaugier Doing Now?

In more recent times, Vaugier’s acting career has continued on without pause. Granted, she has been appearing in fewer and fewer movies compared to the earlier parts of her acting career, as shown by the fact that her last such role was in 2016 in Destruction: Los Angeles. However, before that point, Vaugier had been appearing in movies on a regular basis. This can be seen in how she appeared in one movie in 2015, two movies in both 2014 and 2013, and one movie in 2012. With that said, an argument can be made that her more recent movies have been lower-profile than her earlier movies, seeing as how a fair number of her earlier movies were prominent enough to be remembered still.

Meanwhile, Vaugier has been appearing in a regular succession of TV shows. For example, she has been in a TV movie called Killer Ending in 2018, which saw her playing a crime novel writer who has become caught up in the schemes of a criminal seeking to take over her life. Likewise, Vaugier was in seven episodes of a police drama called Rogue in 2017, which were in addition to a thriller TV movie called Washed Away in the same year. In 2016, Vaugier had roles in no fewer than four separate TV movies. Two of these TV movies bore names such as Love in Paradise and Love in the Vineyard (Heart Felt), which are, of course, romance movies. Meanwhile, the other two TV movies bore name such as Stranger in the House and His Double Life, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they are rather more thrilling in nature in comparison. Regardless, the gist of things is that Vaugier has been appearing in a remarkable number of TV movies, though she has been showing up in series from time to time as well. As a result, it seems clear that Vaugier’s acting career hasn’t slowed down when it comes to TV shows, though it might have changed tracks to some extent.

The Future

Summed up, it is clear that Vaugier’s acting career is continuing on with no signs of stopping in the near future. Yes, her roles have been less prominent than her roles from a few years ago, but for the most part, they are not that much less prominent in comparison. As a result, it would be a huge exaggeration to say that her acting career has seen a significant decline.

Based on the projects that Vaugier has been appearing in, it seems reasonable to speculate that she will continue appearing in such projects throughout the near future. As a result, people who liked Vaugier’s performances in her previous projects might want to keep an eye out for thriller movies of the kind shown on Lifetime as well as romance movies of the kind shown on the Hallmark Channel. With that said, they might also want to pay attention to her social media accounts as well as other sources of information about her latest projects, which should keep them up to date as much as possible.

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