We Called This: College Admissions Scandal Being Turned Into A Lifetime Movie

We Called This: College Admissions Scandal Being Turned Into A Lifetime Movie

Lori Loughlin When Calls the Heart

So who thought that this wouldn’t happen? Bethany Guerrero from ScreenRant and those of us writing on the subject aren’t all that surprised since it’s not something that could have been avoided after Operation Varsity Blues was cracked wide open and stars like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were found guilty of something that you can’t help but laugh at and condemn at the same time. Both women tried to get their kids into elite schools by footing an enormous bill to better their chances, you know, without having their kids learn the value of what hard work can really do. At this time the hunt is on to find the perfect actresses but the movie is on the table and being pushed forward, and some of us, mean as it might seem, can’t stop laughing.

Why you ask? That’s pretty simple, college isn’t for everyone, it’s a proven fact that some folks have done just fine without it, whether life has been harder for them or not. In fact there are high school dropouts that are making millions of dollars in the entertainment industry as of now. This means that school was either a waste of time for them, or they just got incredibly lucky, or both. That being what it is though this scandal is amusing since not only does it undermine the position of those caught up in the tangle, but it indicates that they had so little faith in their own kids when it came to getting into college that they had to actively cheat and try to get them in anyway. It should be infuriating since honestly there are so many of us that have done our best to get into the schools we wanted, many who have had to settle for those colleges that would actually take us, and many still that have gone through school and are even now trying to make things work. To think that there are those out there manipulating the system with the application of one massive donation after another is a frustration that’s hard to quell since it’s been happening for a while. But when it gets an individual caught or somehow called out for their stupidity it’s easy to claim such a guilty pleasure as it seems to vindicate the hard work that so many are putting in to make a better life for themselves. With that in mind though, it’s easy to recognize the need to calm down and simply sit back as karma takes hold.

The most amusing part of it all, as Ron Dicker of Huffpost has written, is that Lori’s daughter had no intention of going to school to do anything other than party and have a good time. She admitted as much when the scandal broke, and was so unapologetic about it that many people were fuming since quite honestly college is supposed to be a fun time, but it’s also meant to be a time in a person’s life when they decide on just what course they wish to take. The fact that she treated it like a joke and then went on to blame her parents for ruining her reputation as an influencer (insert eye roll), was actually enough to cause a laugh to break free from many throats since there’s nothing quite like a rich, spoiled and entitled child that wants to throw a public tantrum and make herself look even worse.

One might bet dollars to donuts that once the movie does come out it’s going to paint Lori and Felicity in a less than brutal light and might even see them as the victims in all this, and their children as those who are going to suffer the true fallout since people are going to swarm them and call out this ill behavior. It’d be interesting to see how many people might take that bet since it would seem that there are still enough folks that want to defend the two stars and in the interest of being ‘fair’, go ahead and laugh, I did, the director might take it easy on both women. The one thing that could be hoped is that any and all proceeds would go anywhere but to Felicity or Lori, or any of the others involved, even though that’s not likely to be the case. It’s enough to make a person gnash their teeth to think that anyone involved in this scandal is going to be immortalized in any way, but it’s even worse to think that they might be painted in any way as the victims since quite honestly it would indicate that there is no justice, karmic or otherwise. The movie has yet to be made however, but, and I could only hope that folks like Madeline Kircher of The Intelligencer would agree, it would be interesting if it was released on one of the channels that either Lori or Felicity was featured on, sort of as a nod to poetic justice. Oh yeah, I said it.

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