Five Things You Didn’t Know about Emma Portner

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Emma Portner

If you keep up with modern dance, you may have heard of Emma Portner. She is a successful dancer and choreographer, with an expansive repertoire of modern moves — a lot of which she created herself. Porter also passes her art on through her teaching job at Broadway Dance Center in New York. And, of course, the biggest news in her life right now is her recent marriage to Ellen Page. The dancer and the actress tied the knot on Wednesday, January 3rd. Before they announced this news, they hadn’t shared too many details about their relationship.

Most fans of Portner and Page had no idea that they were engaged, so the post on Ellen’s Instagram came as a surprise. But who is Emma Portner? Unless you follow the dance scene pretty closely, you probably don’t know too much about the newlywed. And if you’re an Ellen Page fan, you’d probably be interested in knowing a little more about her. If so, read on to learn about Five Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Portner.

She Starred in a Justin Bieber Music Video

Emma Portner was one of the main characters in Justin Bieber’s “Life Is Worth Living” music video. The video, released in 2015, features a duet between a man and a woman. Emma Portner plays a haunting role in this video, often staring into the camera with an empty expression. She also has a bullet wound that, according to the lyrics of the song, is likely self-inflicted. Portner did an excellent job with both her dancing and acting in this video. She portrays the role she is meant to quite convincingly. Plus, a lot of her success is directly attributable to the exposure she got for dancing for a name like Justin Bieber’s.

She Attended Dance School for 15 Years

Leeming DanceWorks is a studio located in Orleans — a suburb of Ottawa, Canada. They have many legendary alumni, including Emma Portner. She attended the school from the age of three to the age of fifteen. The studio is world-class, and puts on a highly professional recital at the end of each year. Everything from the lighting to the costumes is high-quality work. So, it’s not surprising that Portner attended this school — it probably gave her the experience necessary to get to where she is today.

She is the Youngest Woman to Ever Choreograph a Musical

Emma Portner created all of the choreography for “Bat Out of Hell”. This musical, based on the Meat Loaf album from 1977, was pretty successful during its run on London’s West End. The story follows a post-apocalyptic romance, set against several iconic Meat Loaf songs. Portner’s involvement in the creation of this musical marks her as the youngest woman to ever choreograph an entire musical.

She is Ambitious

Emma Portner is not content with the considerable success she has already gotten in her particular field. In an interview with Capezio, she expressed a desire to start a “major contemporary ballet company”. The company would focus on human outreach, and bringing dance learning to those who hadn’t had access or money to it before. Plus, she has expressed interest in directing, self-education, healthy living, and overall self-improvement in the future.

She and Ellen Danced on Video

Earlier this year, before the couple had even hinted that they might be getting married, they performed together in a modern dance video. The video is set to a song by Sylvan Esso — an electronic pop duo from North Carolina — and features Emma and Ellen in a sexually-charged modern dance. The two show that they are very comfortable with each other (of course, as they are now married). It also marks Ellen Page’s modern dance debut.

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