Whatever Happened to the Cast of Office Space?

Office Space still stand as one of the absolute best films ever made despite its simplicity and the jabs it took at office workers. Come on, that stuff was funny. But what’s happened to the cast since then? You might have noticed a few of them on a regular basis but truthfully some of them seemed to have dropped off the map. Office Space was likely one of the funniest if most underrated films of its time, and its cast was so easily overlooked that you could almost forget that a few of the people were taking on roles that almost completely hid away their real abilities.

So what has the cast of Office Space been up to?

Ron Livingston

This guy has been busy, and that’s putting it lightly. His resume was already growing before Office Space but his career took off not long after. He’s been a big hit in TV and film and has been in noted shows such as Band of Brothers and movies such as Dinner For Schmucks with Paul Rudd and Steve Carell. Livingston is kind of an underrated actor at times, but he manages to shine wherever he’s at.

Jennifer Aniston

Is there really any need to tell what she’s done? If you haven’t noticed her meteoric rise since Friends then you haven’t been paying attention. Aniston’s name simply speaks for itself most times when it comes to listing her accomplishments. Office Space was an impressive role, but it seemed more like a stop-off for Aniston than a defining moment.

Ajay Naidu

As Samir the guy was totally believable and hilariously funny. Since Office Space though he’s gone on to appear in several films and TV shows, and has even taken to directing.  He has found success in a calmer, more quiet manner than most of the other stars, but has remained a mainstay in Hollywood that most people can easily recognize.

David Herman

What a name to be saddled with if you’re not the actual pop singer. Michael Bolton isn’t the worst name a guy could have, unless you work in a place where the constant question is “Are you related to the guy?” Office Space was actually Herman’s first live-action role. Since then he’s been seen in a few films but has gone back to voice-acting for Futurama and American Dad.

Stephen Root

Root is another guy that’s had a successful run before and after Office Space. You might remember him from O Brother Where Art Thou and the more recent thriller Get Out. He’s even been in several TV shows, with a memorable role on Malcolm In The Middle.  Currently he’s still doing a lot of TV appearances and can be seen in Turn.

John C. McGinley

You might know him best as Dr. Cox on Scrubs, which was where he really got to stretch his most sarcastic lines. He’s actually been very active since Office Space though, appearing on films such as Any Given Sunday, Are We Done Yet?, and Wild Hogs. He’s far from done thankfully and still continues to pop up in films from time to time.

There are so many great actors and personalities in Office Space that listing them all would take a long time, but if I left any out please let me know. There are just too many to be named in such a short article.


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