Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Justified?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Justified?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Justified?”

Justified was the kind of show that people identified with somehow and found to be highly appealing largely because of Timothy Olyphant’s character, Raylan Givens. Given his quick draw and capability to get the drop on people he’s not the most popular person with criminals or with his superiors in the US Marshals. After shooting a notorious criminal in Miami he’s transferred back to the place of his youth in Lexington, Kentucky, where he thought he’d finally escaped from. Harlon County holds a lot of bad memories and a past he’d rather forget, along with those that remember him and don’t particularly like seeing him making a return.

Throughout the series Raylan is more akin to a marshal of the Old West than he is to a modern-day law enforcement agent, forging his own way ahead and doing what he feels is needed to keep order and enforce the law as needs to be done. It goes without saying that in this day and age such a man wouldn’t find the law on his side at all times even if his actions were justified more often than not. But the series did manage to thrive for a while since people were interested in seeing this kind of justice being done, just as they’ve been for so long. It’s ironic then that if someone decided to take the law into their own hands that half of those that enjoyed the show would be quick to flip the corner and condemn them rather than congratulate them.

That being said, here’s what the cast has been up to since the show wrapped up in 2015.

Jere Burns – Wynn Duffy

Jere has had a long and successful career dating back to the 70’s, long before some of those on this list even had a career. Since the show ended however he’s still been very busy, putting in voice work on The Incredibles 2 and continuing to act as he now has two films that are in post-production, one that is for the most part complete. As a character he’s usually been one of the more sly and weasel-like figures that shows up in various shows and movies when he’s not really wanted, proving to be hard to get rid of and even harder to deal with. But that’s the charm he brings to the set, he plays one of the most perfect antagonists ever.

Erica Tazel – Deputy US Marshal Rachel Brooks

Erica got her start on Sex and The City back in 2001 and since then she’s had a rather modest career but she’s been around. After the show ended she kept busy and is at this point still a regular character on the show The Good Fight. She’s had guest roles on shows like NCIS and The Orville, as well as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. At this point she seems bound to stay in TV for the most part, though as it is with many TV stars there might be a chance for her to appear on the big screen eventually. She’s still relatively young, it could happen.

Nick Searcy – Chief Deputy US Marshal Art Mullen

Nick is another one of those faces you see just about everywhere it seems since it plays a great extra and can pick up a role here and there without much trouble. He’s been the bad guy, the good guy, and the bystander, and he’s managed to do well in every role so far. He gets you to feel for him or simply hate him since he puts enough into his characters that people can believe him. To date he’s still been busy working in TV and in films, though it would seem as though he hasn’t done much this year.

Jacob Pitts – Deputy US Marshal Tim Gutterson

Anyone else think he looks kind of like Bill Skarsgaard when he makes this face? Oh well, Jacob has been busy since Justified and has even showed up in shows such as Limitless and Sneaky Pete, where he’s a regular cast member. He doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with film at this point but it does appear that he’s carved a niche for himself in the TV industry.

Joelle Carter – Ava Crowder

Joelle has been busy enough in TV and in movies since the show ended, but as of this year it doesn’t look like she’s been doing much aside from her role on Chicago Justice. Unfortunately that show happened to have been pulled in May of 2017 after its premiere in March of the same year.

Walton Goggins – Boyd Crowder

Walton is a face you see quite often be it on TV or in films, and has been rather busy since the show ended. He had a very strange role in Sons of Anarchy as a transgender male and has also appeared in films such as Predators, Django Unchained, and the extremely violent Hateful Eight. He’s the kind of guy that never seems to be without something to do as his acting talent and his looks seem to get him roles in everything from the most villainous to moderately good roles that he can play so easily.

Timothy Olyphant – Raylan Givens

Timothy Olyphant had a serious upswing to his career just before being cast for Justified, and since the show he’s been on an absolute tear, starring with some of the biggest names in the industry and eventually becoming one of those names due to his own efforts. Movies that he’s been in since the show include This Is Where I Leave You and Snowden, while his TV credits include The Grinder and Santa Clarita Diet.

So honestly everyone’s done fairly well when all is said and done.

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