What Would a Babu Frik Spinoff Even Look Like?

What Would a Babu Frik Spinoff Even Look Like?

Babu Frik

So honestly pushing Josh Gad’s comment to the side along with the rest of the Twitter madness this sounds like an idea that was shot from the hip and quite frankly wasn’t thought out all that well since giving Babu Frik a spinoff might be just as engaging as say…giving half of those found in Jabba’s throne room their own spinoff. Why? Well that’s pretty simple, Babu Frik is more or less as another oddity for fans of Rise of Skywalker to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over, another trendy character that came on screen and somehow made people laugh and think that his hairy countenance and huge eyes were something to adore given that he’s somehow given Baby Yoda a serious run in the cute department. This tends to make a person wonder just what people are seeing or if they’re too afraid to not be a part of a trend that someone decides to start up. All that aside it is an interesting idea to think that Babu Frik could show up in a series if the Mouse House was interested in pushing an original series into the life of Dameron Poe, who obviously as we learned in ROS has a past that’s a lot more interesting than people realized. Of course those reading the books and the comics would likely know more since there’s a great amount of detail and description that doesn’t make it into the movie. J. Brodie Shirey of ScreenRant might not fully agree with this, but Josh Gad is undoubtedly fully on board the Babu trend train and isn’t bound to get off until he finds something that strikes his fancy a little more or finds that Disney is willing to listen to a pitch for a show that INCLUDES Frik, but isn’t all about him.

But upon finding the Sith dagger and needing to translate the writing they found on it, the group of heroes were stymied when they found that C-3PO could in fact translate it, but his programming forbade him to do so. That left only one viable option that Poe could see, and that meant traveling to Kijimi, where Poe’s past starts to catch up with him as seeks to meet up with Babu Frik but also encounters bounty hunter Zorii Bliss. There’s enough material here to make up a show already, especially given that Frik and Bliss being part of Poe’s life before the Resistance indicate that he’s had an adventurous life and made plenty of contacts and friends that he can count on when he needs to. After all there’s already a series coming up on Cassian Andor from Rogue One, it shouldn’t be too hard to think that a story about Poe Dameron that would include a few very notable characters from the Star Wars movies might be viable enough to think about and possibly push forward. Rachel Hunt of the CheatSheet has more to say on the Andor series. It would likely do Disney a great service to add this onto their streaming network, but as far as becoming a movie it sounds like a non-starter at this point.

One might wonder why I would say such a thing but I’ll explain. Star Wars is an epic, a saga that can go in many, many directions considering how big the galaxy is and how many stories there are to tell. But not all of them deserve movies for a couple of reasons. One is that a lot of stories branch off in too many different directions to make a cohesive movie and some aren’t nearly as interesting as they would appear even with the right writer at the helm. Then there’s the idea that fans want to see a lot of different stories from Star Wars depending on which characters they’ve invested in. Some fans want to see a Rose Tico series, others would love to see a series where a romance between Finn and Poe emerges, the desire for one movie or series after another is seemingly endless. But while catering to fans is a wise idea at times, despite what Rian Johnson says, it’s not a smart move at all times. Ryan Scott of MovieWeb has more to say on this matter. When given too much say in what happens to a story the fans do tend to get out of control and start suggesting ideas that make almost no sense as it pertains to the original tale and end up wanting things to become entirely over-saturated and therefore something far different than what they were initially thinking. Johnson appears a bit full of himself when stating that he won’t cater to fans, but we’ve seen the result of his ideas and the result of J.J. Abrams cleaning up his mess. With Babu Frik though it’s better to keep him as a character IN the story, not someone that is central to the story. Sorry Josh, but if we see the little guy again hopefully it will be in a Cameron Poe series.

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