Adair Curtis: The Interior Design Maestro Behind Celebrity Homes

Adair Curtis: The Interior Design Maestro Behind Celebrity Homes

Adair Curtis is a name that has become synonymous with impeccable taste in both fashion and interior design. His keen eye for detail and unique style has led him to create some of the most stunning celebrity homes, as well as contribute to popular series like “Unspouse My House.” Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Adair Curtis and learn more about the man behind these incredible designs.

1. The Designer Behind Gabrielle Union’s Home

Adair’s husband, Jason, has a wealth of Hollywood connections that have helped their business become the go-to destination for celebrity home makeovers. One of their most notable clients is Gabrielle Union, who not only put their name on the Hollywood map but also attended the couple’s wedding in 2012. With Gabrielle and her husband Dwayne too busy to oversee the process, they trusted Adair and Jason to work their magic on their home. As reported on Earn the Necklace, the couple successfully transformed Gabrielle’s home, but not without some challenges along the way.

2. A Loyal Employee of Russell Simmons

Adair’s LinkedIn profile paints a picture of a dedicated employee. He began working for Russell Simmons in November 2006 as Brand Manager for Def Jam Enterprises. After two years and three months, he was promoted to Vice President of Rush Communications, where he remained for over four years. Adair then climbed the ranks again to become General Manager of All Def Music, a position he held for 14 months before joining his husband at JSN Studio.

3. The CEO of JSN Studio

Although JSN Studio is named after Jason, Adair is far from a silent partner. In fact, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer, overseeing most of the operations. While Jason focuses on fashion and styling, Adair manages the interior design branch of the business. He also handles many aspects of Jason’s work, such as communication with clients and agents.

4. A New York University Alum

Adair attended New York University in 2012 to study digital media marketing strategy, perhaps hoping to become a digital media marketer. However, he soon realized it wasn’t the career path he wanted to pursue. Nevertheless, his acceptance into the prestigious university is a testament to his intelligence and dedication to his studies.

5. Steve Rifkind: Mentor and Father Figure

Not much is known about Adair’s biological father, but he has found a mentor and father figure in Steve Rifkind, the chairman and founder of SRC Records and Loud Records. With a net worth of around $200 million, Steve’s success in the music industry has undoubtedly influenced Adair’s own career.

6. Starring in “Styling Hollywood”

Adair’s husband’s connections have led the couple to star in their own show, “Styling Hollywood,” created by Carlos King and released on Netflix in August 2019. The series has garnered a significant fan base, with many viewers praising its representation of a real black gay couple on television and its engaging, unscripted format.

7. A Large, Loving Family

Adair comes from a big family, with at least two sisters, Dionne and Zulaikah, as well as numerous cousins. His mother, who still lives in New York, remarried in 2015 and changed her last name from Curtis to Johnson.

8. Eager to Become a Father

Adair is excited about the prospect of starting a family with his husband, but it seems Jason is not quite ready for children. Every time Adair broaches the subject, Jason deflects and brings up other issues.

9. A Cast Member of “Running Russell Simmons”

In 2010, Adair appeared in the Oxygen series “Running Russell Simmons,” which showcased how Russell managed his business and personal life. As an employee of Russell’s, Adair was a regular cast member, offering viewers a glimpse into the inner workings of the mogul’s empire.

10. A Perfect Working Dynamic with His Husband

While some people may shy away from working with family, Adair and Jason have developed an ideal working dynamic that they wouldn’t trade for anything. As Adair told Architectural Digest, they understand each other deeply and work well together. The only challenge arises when they’re overwhelmed with work and struggle to find time for anything other than business.

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