What Will The Thunderbolts Movie Be Like?

It’s already been said that the Thunderbolts will be the MCU’s version of the Suicide Squad, and it might actually be a fair comparison since it would appear that the team will likely be made up of some of the outcasts of the Marvel universe or at least those that don’t get along with others that well. But it’s also fair to think that much like the Suicide Squad, fans might not get exactly what they want with this movie either. One constant when it comes to comic book movies is that they deviate quite a bit from their source material and as many people have seen, they’re not always as accurate as people want them to be. The thought that this could change with one movie or another is a constant since, despite the radical changes to the comic book movies that have emerged, there are many instances in which the heroes and villains, and the situations they find themselves in, have either been improved or presented in a familiar manner that has managed to appease the fans. That in itself is something of a miracle. 

The MCU fanbase is known to be kind of nuts at times over one small detail or another since if something isn’t right they might react, or they might not. But with the Thunderbolts, it does feel as though it will be the superfans that might react the most considering that this is a team made up of reformed villains, again like the Suicide Squad, that is going to be trying to go straight. While it feels like a far cry from being possible, this group doesn’t feel as though they’ll be quite as comical as DC’s group unless the director is aiming to make something that will be a laugh riot for the MCU. It’s easy to point out that the MCU has had plenty of laughs at this point, but this would likely be a story that would require a lot more finesse when it came to telling a joke or dropping a punchline. 

It is a question as to whether the Thunderbolts will interact with the Avengers or not since they did attack the New Avengers in the comics, and they’ve had a storied history since being brought together. They were even led by Hawkeye at one point since in the comics he was a reformed villain at one time. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens whenever this movie gets rolling, and it will be intriguing to see who all is going to be cast in which role. The MCU has made it pretty clear that keeping details hidden is important, so it’s fair to think that we won’t get a complete cast list for while unless the plan is to be open with the fans from the start. It’s also interesting to think of what type of adventure the team will be gathered for since it will no doubt be introducing a few characters that people haven’t seen in the MCU yet and as such it’s going to take a bit of strategy to make this happen in a manner that people will appreciate and respond to in a positive manner. 

The MCU’s roster of movies and TV shows has been growing steadily over the last couple of years, and it would appear that things are only going to keep growing as more ideas come rolling in. One has to wonder when we’re going to get to see certain teams, individuals, and villains pop up in the years to come as the idea of who might be next to show up is enough to get excited about. We’ve already seen Baron Zemo make his way into the MCU thanks to Age of Ultron and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but at this point, it would appear that his motives within the Marvel Universe are bound to change a bit and then change back if the show is going to follow the comics at all. Those that have read the comics know what’s coming, or what might be in development at the moment, while the rest of us might need to brush up on the story to find out what we might be able to expect. 

All that we do know at the moment is that the movie does appear to be happening, and when it hits it’s fair to think that some folks are going to be excited about it, and some are going to wonder what it’s all about. Hopefully, this group will come in and do something great since otherwise, it could be that the MCU is setting itself up for a risk that might not pay off. At this point, we’re going to have to wait and see what happens since there’s not a lot of chatter coming down the pipeline at this time. 

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