What We Learned from The Yellowstone Season 3 Trailer

What We Learned from The Yellowstone Season 3 Trailer

Yellowstone Season 2

What you need to know about Yellowstone is that in the long run there really aren’t a whole lot of good guys but there are plenty of bad guys and they’re all out to get what they want and damn the rest. It’s a free for all in which there are no right ways to do anything other than what each individual figures is the right way for them to end up with what they want at the expense of those they stand against. The Dutton family, owning the largest ranch in the area and anywhere around for that matter, are attempting to hold onto what’s theirs and has been for generations, while everyone around them and from afar are attempting to take it from them, either legally or by other means that wouldn’t be frowned on by anyone other than those that stand with the Dutton’s and seek to help them out of this current jam. Having already lasted two seasons it’s obvious that heat has been turned up for season three and will possibly culminate somewhere between seasons 3 and 4 since it’s apparent that season 4 did get the go ahead at one point. Peter White of Deadline had more to say on this topic. What this trailer means though is that tensions have already built and are close to breaking with the most disastrous of results since off in the wild country there are plenty of things that can go down without anyone being the wiser and without the authorities being able to do much about it since in the wilds there are plenty of places a body could go missing that a person might never find them. On that ominous note the release of this coming season is going to be something that a lot of people might want to tune in for since it’s already looking as though it could be seriously intense.

The Dutton family doesn’t appear to be letting up but the heat is only getting worse as more and more individuals are being brought into the fray and their home is being constantly threatened. That could put a serious damper on anyone’s day, but when guns and outright violence get involved and it becomes necessary to go around with a shotgun, rifle, or some type of firearm in hand then you know that life has become a rather dangerous proposition and there’s are only bound to be a few ways out of it. How the Dutton’s might go about finding that way isn’t too hard to see from the trailer since like it or not they aren’t keen on moving and despite the development going on all around them the attempted land grabs by interested parties are still going to be treated like the attacks they appear to be on a legacy that’s been building for multiple generations. Trying to come for something like that is akin to trying to tell a person that you’re attempting to erase their history, and many people are bound to fight to the death to make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen.

This is the kind of story that’s played out in America more than once in the past as those that have made a living out of the hard work and toil that their ancestors put in have been pressed by those with special interests before to disastrous ends. The arguments and rationalized statements that have gone hand in hand with the reasons why such ranchers have either been pushed out, bought or, or kicked out of their own lands are a part of history that a lot of people wouldn’t want to relive since it means that what we do in this world can always be easily replaced by someone with the right amount of ambition and money. Liz Fields of ABC News has something to say about this topic that might be interesting. That kind of thing is usually seen as worth fighting against since despite the constant push of progress and the need for economic growth, there’s also the overriding need for family and a legacy that can continue and persevere, while it’s always possible for the economy to grow and expand in other directions that don’t necessarily have to displace anyone in a big way. Plus, when one thinks about it, the kind of property that the Dutton’s possess is a kind of haven that probably should be left alone in the interest of keeping a healthy ecology in some states that have already begun to move towards as serious decline when it comes to ecological balance.

All in all the third season of Yellowstone is looking as though it might be the start of a last stand for the Dutton’s considering that they’ve got pressure from at least two fronts that are looking to push without asking any longer, and will do what it takes to get the job done. That kind of a war doesn’t normally have a happy, or swift, ending to it.

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