What We Learned from the Trailer for Netflix’s Bridgerton

People love scandals, and if there’s one thing that the Netflix series Bridgerton is going to be delivering, it will be plenty of chances to see one scandal after another being exposed in some way since the teaser makes it quite clear that this is the main idea of the series at this point. But who is going to be exposed and how is something that people are going to be excited to watch. Drama is a big draw when it comes to many people, and it’s something that can sell and keep a show running for quite some time so long as it’s able to change, shift, evolve, and become something that will continue to unfold as people think that they’re coming to the end. Bridgerton is already showing itself to be something that will be for those that love gossip, fashion, and the never-ending search for the next scandal that might rock the belief that people have in each other and the ability to trust one another with our deepest, darkest secrets and embarrassing foibles that might be the cause of social suicide if they were ever discovered. Even better is that it’s definitely diverse and is bound to get the attention of many people simply for this since Shonda Rhimes is definitely pulling out any stops that some folks might have included in this showing, and given that it’s on Netflix it’s definitely going to get a bit racy.

That of course isn’t going to stop many people from watching it and one can bet that Netflix will be pushing it as much as possible since much of what it’s done lately, barring Cuties, has been widely accepted by many subscribers. If the streaming site wants to win some people back this could be one way, but it’s very likely that those that threatened to leave, or that actually left after the controversial Cuties movie might consider coming back at one point or another since the rest of Netflix’s content is looking to be on point and more than enough to keep people happy for a while to come. The fact that the casting has essentially been labeled as colorblind is probably another factor in its favor since if one notices throughout the teaser trailer they’ll see POCs in abundance as this show will be utilizing many different actors to tell the story, not just focusing on one particular color. This is a plus in the shows favor really since it will hopefully get people to believe that diversity is being worked into more and more of pop culture even if it’s been there for a while and people just didn’t want to notice it.

But the truth, the honest to goodness truth, is that diversity is important in various movies and shows so long as it’s going to tell a story that will either be taken as the fictional tale that it is or is historically significant and thereby necessary in terms of showing different people from different regions of the world. Bridgerton is apparently being kept on point when it comes to the time period, as far as setting and clothing, but the characters are all being kept unique and diverse and it does sound as though there will be several leads to this series, which could get a tad bit confusing, to say the least, but might be a good bit of fun for those that are willing and waiting for the series to kick off. The series is actually going to release on the 25th of December of all days, which is an odd date for pretty much any movie or show that’s not Christmas-themed to premiere but has been a successful date for many projects to start off in the past. How it will do with the viewers is still hard to say despite the fact that many upon many individuals love drama and can’t resist watching it either in real life or on the big or small screen. Personally, there’s enough drama in real life to go around for me, but for those that love watching it on the small screen, this could be a treat since it does appear that it might be the type of show that will seek to hook people and draw them in while making them care about one or more characters only to later make them realize that said characters are a little more complex than they imagined.

Some folks are excited by and thrive on drama and to be real, this show might satisfy that need in a big way since it already looks as though it’s bound to be something that will twist each character into knots and then allow the audience to think they know what’s going on right up until they don’t.

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