What We Learned from The Trailer for “Alpha Betas”

What We Learned from The Trailer for “Alpha Betas”

What We Learned from The Trailer for “Alpha Betas”

One thing we definitely learn from this trailer is that thank the good lord we aren’t dependent on gamers to save the world. Maybe that’s a little harsh, but maybe not since the whole idea of sending an arrogant group of gamers in to solve things is enough to make a lot of people groan collectively and wonder if it’s time to simply bend over and kiss it goodbye. To be certain, the show looks pretty funny and is bound to get a little gruesome in a hilarious way since it has a lot of elements that one can’t help but notice will be bound to entertain a wide array of fans that will be looking to see what’s coming up next. There are plenty of folks comparing this and other shows that are coming up to Rick and Morty, and with good reason, since it’s coming from the same studio. But as strange as it might sound, this story feels a little more grounded than anything that Rick and Morty have done, and it’s possible that it will be able to capitalize on the interest of a younger crowd since despite being entertaining to more than one demographic, it does feel that younger gamers might be able to relate to the material just a little more.

Gamers have multiplied over the years as technology has continued to advance and create even more wonders for people to enjoy, and as a result, it’s been necessary to keep those people happy with new and innovative ideas that are bound to make them think but will also give them something that’s near-brainless to laugh at. Alpha Betas is already looking like something that might confuse some folks and entertain others since gaming is something that not every person on the planet has found appealing, but the culture is still something that a lot of people can’t help but admit is kind of intriguing in its own strange way. A lot of us that were born a few decades ago or more can remember a time when nerds and geeks, terms which some folks don’t like but are still popular, were those that were interested in technology that a lot of people didn’t understand, and gamers aren’t that different save for the fact that they’ve successfully broken down the walls between nerds, geeks, jocks, cool kids, and pretty much every other group since gaming is something that’s enjoyed by quite a few people that either don’t care for labels or can fit many of them without fail. This show is already looking like something that will be able to give a little bit of something to a lot of people but will still be focused primarily on gaming, at least initially.

I say initially because as anyone should be able to guess, any show is going to change things up after a while and will find itself being altered in small to large ways in accordance with what the fans want to see. What is initially brought out is the best guess to see what fans are going to think, and if it works then it might change a little now and then, but most of the time big changes won’t happen until they’re really needed. If the show doesn’t do well, to begin with, and only gets worse ratings then it might be altered just enough to make it more appealing, or it won’t last past the first season. People should know better than to doubt this as of now since Netflix and a few others have canceled shows after the first season, of course, Netflix has done it if people liked the show or not, but the point is that if the show really is that bad and doesn’t inspire the fans then doubling down is an option but it might not be the best idea. Looking at this trailer though it does feel as though the first season might be received in a manner that’s rather fitting since a lot of people have already become devoted to shows such as Rick and Morty and a few others, so it’s easy to think that they’ll be jumping for joy about this one. It’s enough to make a person shake their head and feel a bit old, but oh well. People are enjoying the current stories, so all’s well.

The idea of catering to gamers and YouTubers isn’t that big of a deal really since they and many others are generally interested in the type of content that has plenty of action and comedy to go around. We’ll have to wait and see how the show is really going to go, but as of now, it looks as though it could be pretty funny. But entrusting the world to a quartet of gamers, that’s definitely a new one.

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