Five Epic Moments from The MCU in 2021

No matter what anyone says, it’s been an exciting and eye-opening year for the MCU, and things are only bound to get more intense and impressive as things move forward. 2021 saw the emergence of a few characters and saw a few become even more impressive than before, as the multiverse is now wide open thanks to a few ill-advised actions from some of the more powerful individuals. Plus, the cosmos is being observed in a greater way as more and more stories are being opened wide in order to keep expanding the reach of the MCU. With 2022 nearly here it’s safe to state that what will come next is being greatly anticipated, but until we get to see what the MCU has in store for the fans, it’s not likely that people will be ready for all of it, since the MCU is changing as things move forward.  Here are several of the most epic moments from the MCU in 2021.

5. Shang-Chi destroys the Dweller in Darkness

Setting aside who has the more powerful weapon and who’s able to beat who in the MCU for the moment, Shang-Chi had a very impressive showing that makes it clear that he needs to be in the franchise moving forward. This fight against the Dweller in Darkness might not have had the same punch as other fights for one reason: it would have helped had a lot of people known more about this character. But given that Shang-Chi has remained important enough over the years to be a staple of Marvel, it’s easy to see that his presence has awakened others to the need for an increase in diversity for the MCU. 

4. Ultron is infected by Arnim Zola/HYDRA. 

The first season of What If? became rather dark very quickly when Ultron entered the scene since without the limitations that he had in Age of Ultron, the sentient AI went berserk and rampaged his way through one world after the next, taking out entire solar systems with ease. The fact that he took out Thanos so quickly and even went on to challenge the Watcher was terrifying since it meant that he could move from one reality to another, and had few if any limits that would keep him from dominating everything. But to be taken down by a computer virus is kind of amusing, as well as ironic. 

3. Sam Wilson’s reveal as Captain America.

A lot of people are of the mind that this was a long time coming, and to be fair they’re probably right. But with Chris Evans stepping down as Captain America there needed to be someone to take on the title, and Bucky was, well, he was kind of damaged goods after being the Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson managed to remain upright despite the fact that he was seen as one of those who were in the wrong during Civil War, and he was the obvious choice when all was said and done. But seeing him in his new getup and with the shield that he finally learned to toss and catch with great accuracy was pretty cool since it meant that the name of Captain America is now in good hands. 

2. Three Spider-Men fighting together. 

This was what a lot of fans were chomping at the bit to see since it’s kind of like an orgy (get your mind out of the gutter) of awesomeness for long-time Spider-Man fans to see a live-action version of three different individuals that have the same powers, more or less, working together against a common threat. There were so many rumors and gossip leading up to this movie that a lot of folks might have thought that it was going to disappoint or at the very least be kind of a letdown not to see Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield again, but for those who were in the theater watching this on opening weekend, it’s likely that many heard thunderous applause when the three Spider-Men managed to work together. 

1. Wanda vs. Agatha. 

Wanda is without any doubt one of the most tortured individuals in the MCU at this point since she has a power that’s absolutely fascinating but also horrible since it can wax and wane along with her emotions. The fact that she is so powerful is pretty cool, but the added fact that she could subjugate an entire town thanks to her grief over losing Vision in Infinity War is terrifying. Add to that the fact that a centuries-old witch managed to find her way into the fantasy and manipulate Wanda for a while, and you have a recipe for disaster that was only bound to get worse before it got better, which it kind of didn’t since the people of Westview were rightly afraid of Wanda and might have turned on her if not for that same fear.  2021 had many epic moments when it came to the MCU, and 2022 is hopefully shaping up to deliver many more. 

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