What We Learned from the This is Us Season 4 Trailer

This Is Us season 4 seems like it’s going to introduce a lot of new faces that we don’t really know and there is also a question as to where Kevin is, as Lex Goodman from PureWow mentions. The whole point however seems to be how strangers come into our lives at various times and are instrumental in moving one’s life forward in a certain way. How this is going to translate to the entire season and the show itself is bound to be interesting, but at this moment it’s kind of hard to see just yet. That doesn’t seem like it’s bound to turn the fans off since this show has already managed to draw in a very big fan base since it was first released, and season 4 might confuse a few people but driving them away doesn’t seem possible at this point.

Kayla Keegan of Good Housekeeping and many others have already picked up and expanded on the idea that this season is bound to cover and do things that people who think they know the show might not fully expect. This might seem like a gimmick and something designed to keep the show interesting, which is a big ‘duh’ moment since any show after the first season or two needs to find some way to really keep things going and to keep people tuning in. This Is Us has been doing this for three seasons thus far with a lot of success, but like any show it’s bound to come up dry eventually since as happens with any show the material tends to get a little dry after a while. In a way it’s a good thing that the actors that make up the main cast have all been well established in other venues since at this point This Is Us isn’t a stale and uninteresting who yet, but it does seem to be skirting dangerously close to that edge, more so than many people care to admit since folks would rather believe that their favorite shows are going to last for as long as they can be relied on to produce heartfelt moments and a story that’s worth following.

That’s the trick though, This Is Us already has a set ending according to Good Housekeeping’s Heather Finn, who’s relayed that the magic number for the show apparently is six. Some people might not want to hear this and might even gloss over that last line in disbelief, but that seems to be the gist of it. However it happens, however the story advances from season 4 to 6, it would seem that the ending has already been established and even pored over, though a lot of fans might be happy in the blissful ignorance that seems to grip so many when it comes to the shows they care about. What you can guess from this season at least is that things are bound to move forward yet again and still remain stuck in the past as the show has been doing this since the start in order to introduce the main family of the show and keep them firmly in mind since the world they live tends to revolve around and live independently from them at the same moment. There will be plenty of tears without a doubt when the news becomes widespread, if it hasn’t already, but This Is Us seems like it might be a show that will be fondly remembered once it does finally go off the air.

As I said though, the actors all have been well off enough when it comes to their careers, enough so to assume that they’ll be just fine when that day finally comes. Up until then however season 4 looks like it’s going to be all about connections and how they’re formed between the most unlikely of individuals that come into the lives of those that need them at the strangest times only to make such a monumental difference that a life can be changed one way or the other. The show has thrived thus far on the premise that this family has gone through a great number of trials and is still going through their own fallout from the past, though there have been triumphs as well. If ever a show is made that shows more realism than some of those that have been released in the last several years people might agree that the bar has been raised insanely high for those that might come after. This Is Us stands as one of the shows that has made it so difficult for other series to come after and make a decent impact since people have grown so attached to this show that even thinking about another program is kind of tough. Season 4 seems set to make it even harder as it delves deeper into the family’s lives.

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