What We Learned from The New Trailer for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

What We Learned from The New Trailer for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Well, it’s fair to say that we get to learn a few things about Snake Eyes that a lot of folks might not have thought about before. For one, he’s starting off as an adult in this movie, and unless we see flashbacks of his life it’s fair to say that this will be how he’s presented, since he and Storm Shadow, played by Andrew Koji in this movie, were shown as kids in one of the G.I. Joe movies. This time around, Snake Eyes isn’t quite as trained as he was in the G.I. Joe movies but he apparently knows how to fight just well enough to handle himself. But it’s Storm Shadow that apparently gets himself into trouble and later on escapes after Snake Eyes helps him. The relationship between these two has been apparent for a long time, but the animosity that many remember from back in the day has also been a longstanding part of the relationship for various reasons that have been stated over the years. But given that Snake Eyes, who confesses to having no home, will be taken in by the clan of ninjas who will train him to be the badass that so many people know about.

We also get to see the Baroness and Scarlett, so Cobra and G.I. Joe are represented, but while we already know which side Snake Eyes eventually goes toward it’s uncertain what’s going to make his decision for him. The action is going to be non-stop and over the top obviously and it’s bound to happen that a lot of the stuff we’re going to see will be gravity and physics-defying since to do anything less just wouldn’t make the movie. But the recasting of Snake Eyes is bound to get a lot of people talking, as is the idea that we’re going to see his face for a lot longer in this movie since in the past the only time we’ve seen his face is as a kid.

Snake Eyes has been a fan favorite for a long time now and as one of the G.I. Joes, he’s among the big names that have always been prized by a great number of kids since being a ninja and a part of a special forces team tends to translate to his status as one of the best characters ever. But for the longest time he never took off his mask, and after a while people simply accepted it. Giving him an origin movie is going to be interesting since it will take him back to a time when he wasn’t one of the deadliest people in the room and was still learning how to be a ninja. That status is also something that’s been hyped up beyond belief by Hollywood since the dreaded term ‘ninja’ brings to mind black clothing, sharp-edged weapons, and an individual that can kill a person no matter where they’re at and then fade into the shadows without being detected. In short, a ninja is thought, by some, to be more of a ghost in human form than anything since their abilities have been bumped up so much over the years that they might as well be counted as one of the most elite warrior castes in the world.

The thing is that there are plenty of other warrior classes that were just as tough if not tougher than the ninja, though one has to remember that individual warriors don’t necessarily set the mark for an entire warrior caste. Snake Eyes, as a fictional character, is one of the greatest ninjas to ever be presented to the public, and he’s been one of the most enduring as well since a lot of us can recall from our younger years what it was like to watch this character fight alongside his companions in the effort to defeat Cobra. But what’s great about this movie coming out is that we’re bound to see at least a little bit of the training that went into making such a character. It would be nice to see how the ninja funded a private jet and their spacious home as well.

It does feel certain that Scarlett will be in the movie to recruit Snake Eyes, possibly even Storm Shadow, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. It does appear that the Baroness is scouting Snake Eyes, no doubt thinking to bring him into the fold, thereby giving Cobra a dangerous and efficient weapon. So far the trailer looks pretty cool and could possibly turn into something that will blow people away. But it’s also hopeful that there’s much more coming than what the trailer is showing since it would be great to be blown away by the type of action that people are expecting.

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