What We Learned from The iCarly Revival Teaser

What We Learned from The iCarly Revival Teaser

It would appear that a lot of shows are looking for a revival, a second chance, something to show that they’ve still got it and aren’t ready to just give up the ghost, and iCarly is one of those on the list that is making a comeback of sorts. Fans will no doubt be excited to hear more about this as the show will be making its way back to Paramount+, which is snapping up shows left and right to add to its roster. The show will reportedly be coming back on March 4th, which isn’t too far off, meaning that fans of the show will be able to tune in and see their favorite actors finally stage a comeback that a lot of people have been hoping for since around 2012 when the series was taken off, to begin with. During its run, the show was rather popular, and to be fair it was one of those that some folks might not remember as well since it did come around in the 200s and was popular among a certain age group. It’s easy to say that kids of today might be enticed to tune in and see what it’s all about, but it’s also a hope that will change things up just a bit since otherwise, too much of the same might appeal to those that grew up with this show for a little while thanks to feelings of nostalgia, but otherwise, it could backfire.

Looking at the lineup that Paramount+ is getting together it does feel as though the site is acquiring as much as possible not only to compete with the other streaming sites and to appease the subscribers but also to have plenty of material on hand just in case something goes awry. That might be kind of a cynical way to look at things but it feels real as well since it’s not so uncommon to think about given that the material on a streaming site needs to change every so often and snapping up whatever comes along is a wise move simply because it allows the site to ditch whatever isn’t working and keeping going with the TV shows and movies that are getting the most hits while looking around for other material that can be used to their advantage. In a way, that sounds almost cutthroat and as though a site doesn’t give any regard to their programming, but this is pretty far from the truth. The show iCarly is being taken on largely because it was a hit years ago and it’s a decent idea to bring it back since there’s a good chance that a new generation will find it appealing and those that watched it years ago might actually want to see what’s going on now and what the show will have to offer after so long.

Considering it’s been nearly nine years since iCarly was a big thing on TV it’s going to be interesting to see how the show stacks up with the rest of what Paramount+ will have to offer, though it could easily complement the other programs that are coming to the site for development, and it’s nice to think that it will be a pleasing throwback for a lot of people that have been aching to see their favorite old shows on the small screen again. It will also be intriguing to see how things will have changed since the technology will be updated, the show will have to account for many changes, and one has to wonder how any show is going to handle the idea of the pandemic, or if they’re going to do so at all. There have been sites and networks that have been pushing the idea of covering the pandemic and what it’s done to society in order to show sensitivity and realism that people are hopefully going to like, but from this teaser, it’s easy to think that iCarly might not be headed down that path. It’s fair to say that it might address it, or that it might find a way to work in anything about the pandemic that it can, but until we get to see it then we just don’t know. All that matters at the moment is that the show is going to be back, and a lot of fans are going to be happy.

Paramount+ is taking on a lot of work when it comes to the various shows that it’s bringing to the site, but it feels fair to say that things should run fairly smooth and the transition shouldn’t be a big issue since it’s the same site with a different name and a lot of added programming. If nothing else, the site should flourish for a while since there’s so much more to give to subscribers.

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